Quote of the day–Glenn Beck

To quote the president, he didn’t want to take over GM, but he had to. The auto industry was in a crisis. He didn’t want to take over the banks, but he had to. The financial industry was in a crisis. It was corrupt and on the verge of trouble. I don’t want global regulation but we have to. Remember the pitch for TARP? The global economy would collapse if it’s not passed. They’re saying it now again.

The stimulus, America wouldn’t survive if we don’t pass it. Health care, how many times did we hear that the health care system is in crisis? Cap-and-trade, energy crisis, environmental crisis, climate crisis. Oceans will flood if we don’t act now.

Each one of these crisis, there is only one benefactor. One. Who is it? Big government.

Mark my words, the pattern will continue.

Glenn Beck
May 3, 2010
Big Government vs. Small Government
[Barb sometimes complains that I depress her. Sometimes I depress myself too.–Joe]