International Association of Chiefs of Police

While browsing through the grants made by the Joyce Foundation I found they routinely make donations to the International Association of Chiefs of Police:

$250K on April 16, 2009 “To continue implementation efforts around the recommendations contained in the report of the Great Lakes States Summit on Gun Violence.”

When someone says the police are for more gun control be sure to check up on which police organization and who butters their bread for them.

Update: The link to the Joyce Foundation may not work. From some IP addresses it does and from others it doesn’t. Try my save of the grant page (the year selection doesn’t work, go to “Page 2” instead).


3 thoughts on “International Association of Chiefs of Police

  1. I couldn’t get to the joyce foundation grants via your link. I did find their contribution to the International Association of Police Chiefs at “” under “Gun Violence”. Go figure, the putz’s.

  2. This is very interesting.

    It works fine when I use one IP address and not with another. Even the home page is completely different when I use a different IP address. Same computer, same browser, just a different IP address and I get a completely different web site.

    I have a solution for this problem. Check for my update in a few minutes.

  3. IACP also receives money from gun manufacturers that advertise in its magazine and buy booth space at its annual conference. The “butter” from Joyce is but a pad compared to the amount received from the industry.

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