Quote of the day–John Cook

Teaching a child to shoot is teaching a child to kill. It’s what guns are used for.

John Cook
Gun Control Australia
Attributed here. GCA defends the statement here.
[Apparently I didn’t teach my children very well then. I pretty sure they haven’t killed anything with a gun even though they first started shooting in the early 90s.–Joe]

Speaking of the FBI

While making my previous post about the FBI I remembered another item I picked up at the NRA annual meeting:

I obtained this from the husband of Nancy R. (also known as “The Shorter Half”).

It is reputed (in jest) to be a practice target for Lon Horiuchi. I would like to point out there is no evidence to support the assertion that Horiuchi practiced to shoot a mother in the chest while holding her baby in her arms–Vicki Weaver was shot in the head.

NICS data

While at the NRA Annual Meeting I picked up a sheet of paper from the FBI NICS booth. The full sized scan of it is here but the most interesting data on it was this graph:


In late 2008 as Obama’s election was increasing likely we had a surge in gun sales that extended through the first months of 2009. No news there.

But what I didn’t realize was that sales didn’t continue their downward turn during the summer and fall to the levels of the early 2000s. In fact the sales of early 2010 are only slightly below that of early 2009.

Brady staff

Last week I came up with what are probably fairly accurate membership numbers for The Brady Campaign. In the comments I also speculated that membership would support from five to ten full time staff members. Of course this ignores grants from organizations like the Joyce Foundation.

Today I was looking through a collection of pictures from their annual event. It looks as if there were 50 to 100 people present.

Here are the staff and board members identified:

  1. Drew Wynn (staff)

  2. Becca Knox (staff)

  3. Michael Wolkowitz (Board Chair)

  4. Paul Helmke (President)

  5. Caroline Brewer (staff)

  6. Bob Bates (board)

  7. Jon Lowy (staff)

  8. Melissa Reifler (staff)

  9. Molly Warren (staff)

  10. Alan Bennett (board)

Not pictured but who I believe to still be staff is Dennis Henigan. One or more of those pictured could be unpaid interns or part time. There might be others not pictured as well but at a minimum they have a staff of six plus their board members. So that is in close agreement with my earlier estimate.

Another observation from these pictures is the general age of the staff and supporters. One of things the gun community has been doing in recent years is youth outreach. This not something as easily done by the Brady Campaign and it shows in their ages versus what I see at the NRA meetings.

We are winning. Now lets drive them into political extinction.

Quote of the day–sweatypie

Carrying a gun for self defense is stupid. If you are being robbed, just give the robber what he wants. Your life or any life is not worth money. Very seldom does a robber want to kill you. And there are many women who are raped that go on to live normal, productive lives. Resisting during a rape will just get your face bashed in or worse. Self defense in reality does not work. A gun only increases your or a loved ones chances of getting hurt or killed by that stupid gun you got to protect yourself with.

May 28, 2010
Comment to Dueling emotions on gun control flare anew.
[Ahh… yes. Just lie back and enjoy it little lady. Facts are irrelevant.

What this approach does is lower the costs of a criminal “doing business”. It’s like a welfare program. You don’t really want people on welfare but once you have created such a program some people will decide that is a better/easier way of life than working for a living and figure out a way to take advantage of the system. You want to raise the costs of being a criminal. Sure, the police, courts, and penal system impose a cost on the criminal but only if they get caught and convicted. We supply free legal representation so the cost is essentially only imposed if they are convicted. And what are those odds? One in a hundred for every crime committed? And then what happens? They spend some time in prison. That is a gamble the criminal is willing to take–and we have the criminal facts to prove it.

If the criminal has to consider that one out of ten of their victims is capable and willing to splatter their brains all over the sidewalk the odds look considerably different. The criminal facts from places outside of Chicago and Washington D.C. also prove this.

If someone should actually encounter sweatypie I would like to suggest taking Greg Hamilton’s lead on dealing with people like this.

Update: Another approach to dealing with someone such as sweatypie is to suggest they convince their local police force that, “Self defense in reality does not work.” Once the local police have agreed and complied for a year or more you will give it further consideration.–Joe]


Via email from Chet we have a simple tutorial in how to become invisible.

It’s not perfect because he doesn’t talk about how to obtain a residence without generating a paper trail (hint from my experience–look through the “roommates wanted” ads) but it’s a good start at keeping your physical profile a little lower than most while still being visible on the Internet.

Failure of reading comprehension

It’s fairly frequent that some anti-gun bigot will read something I or someone else wrote and completely misunderstand what is being said. From the words of the Second Amendment to advertisements (fingerprint resistance is about rust prevention, not criminal use) they either deliberately or through lack of reading comprehension skills arrive at completely basely conclusions. Anytime they claim some scientific paper supports their conclusions I know I have to get my hands on the actual paper before I’ll have a clue as to what was actually written.

Even give the above I was still surprised at this post by Gun Control Canada. It is nothing but a complete copy of this opinion piece in The Star Phoenix which is totally pro-gun.

Yes. Apparently the anti-gun blog Gun Control Canada misread the (admittedly poorly worded) headline and copied the entire thing without reading and/or comprehending the editorial. Microsoft Office informs me the Flesch Reading Ease is 45.6 and the Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level is 12.0 which I have to conclude is too difficult for the bigots at Gun Control Canada. Just for comparison this post has near equal scores of 47.2 and 11.8.

I am aware that there are those at and near the top of the food chain in the gun control hierarchy who are smart and are deliberate in their falsehoods and half-truths. But I’m convinced the vast majority of their followers have crap for brains. They are useful idiots as the communists used to refer to Soviet sympathizers in the west.

Quote of the day–Tamara K.

How’s it feel to be on the losing side, Paul? Hey, did you hear? Louisiana’s passing its own Firearms Freedom Act, Indiana’s Parking Lot bill passed, and Arizona just got Vermont Style Carry. We have got your astroturf “movement” down and we are kicking it like a naked fat guy at Altamont. Taste the ash heap of history, you bigoted old Bolshie.

Tamara K.
April 14, 2010
Hi, Paul!
[I normally exclude Tam from the competition for QOTD because there would be little point in anyone checking out The View From North Central Idaho for a QOTD when they would have already picked it up when reading the View From The Porch earlier. But this was different. I was catching up on my RSS feeds that I was got behind on in the days before Boomershoot 2010 and I thought this was particularly applicable again six weeks after it was written because of my discovery of the Brady membership numbers.–Joe]

Quote of the day–sfprogressive

If we see anyone walking around with a gun it is a signal that they are crazy and we should lock them up. “Guns don’t kill people, but crazy open carry people walking around with guns can kill people”. Lets hope that Obama has the guts to push for a total gun ban and melts down all the guns these crazy people want to wank around with.

May 28, 2010
Comment to Dueling emotions on gun control flare anew
[Ahhh… yes. This is no surprise. If you don’t conform to their view you must be crazy and need to sent off to the mental hospital. That is what they did in the USSR and it’s what the “progressives” advocate here.–Joe]

How will mommy protect me if she can’t have a gun?

Via Ry we have this story which reminds me of a story I heard at the Gun Rights Policy Conference in 2000.

The Second Amendment Sisters held a counter rally to an anti-gun event in Chicago. They passed out balloons to all the kids that said “How will Mommy protect me if she can’t have a gun?” Of course this inflamed the anti-gun people. They were so out of their minds (much more than usual) that they ran around popping all the little kids balloons.

My understanding is they did capture it on video but the video didn’t turn out very well.

Brady Campaign membership numbers

We have often wondered what the true membership numbers of the Brady Campaign are. In 2004 they said they had “about half a million”.

Since they are selling their membership list we now know what are probably close to the true numbers:


Founded in 1974 (Formerly known as Handgun Control) this public citizens lobby works for legislative controls and governmental regulations on the manufacture, importation, sale, transfer, and civilian possesion of guns. Activists are individuals who have responded by mail on a gun control issue.

Average Donation $40.00.

So, they have about 50K total “donors/members” on their list. If I’m reading the data correctly only about 28K have donated in the last 12 months.

[sarcasm] It appears their membership has dropped significantly in the last six years. And to think that in 2001 they had an influx of a million moms too. [/sarcasm]

What is the NRA membership these days? About 4 million? That gives us about a 140:1 ratio, which is fairly typical of the public turnouts I have attended.

The Second Amendment Foundation has over 650K members. That is a ratio of about 23:1.

With an average donation of $40/per donor that means they have an annual income from members of about $1.14 million.

It’s no wonder most politicians give them a cold shoulder these days. In addition to their blatant lies, even if you count their total membership file that is only an average of a little over 1000 members per state. There are gun clubs in some large cities with that many members.

I would find it rather amusing if the NRA bought the list and sent them a little propaganda to inform them of the futility and illegality of their support for the Brady Campaign.


As I’ve said before, I buy banned guns and books.

I think proposed “assault weapon” bans should be viewed exactly the same as bans on books, magazines (unintentional pun), or videos. The same goes for import bans on firearms, it’s just another type of censorship.

Taking it a step further why isn’t a fully functional Ma Duce considered a work of art and given the same protections as any other piece of art or expression?

Quote of the day–Thomas Paine

THESE are the times that try men’s souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly: it is dearness only that gives every thing its value. Heaven knows how to put a proper price upon its goods; and it would be strange indeed if so celestial an article as FREEDOM should not be highly rated. Britain, with an army to enforce her tyranny, has declared that she has a right (not only to TAX) but “to BIND us in ALL CASES WHATSOEVER,” and if being bound in that manner, is not slavery, then is there not such a thing as slavery upon earth.

Thomas Paine
The American Crisis
[I find it interesting how applicable these words are to our present situation.–Joe]

Bomb squad involved in a crapshoot

Via Ry.

Crapshoot results in stinky day for bomb squad:

A call about a bomb turned into a crapshoot for the Lorain County Bomb Squad.

Officers found a fizzing homemade bomb planted in a portable toilet near a construction site at Turtle Bay and decided the safest way to detonate it was to shoot at it.

After five shots with a .22 caliber rifle, the bomb exploded, spraying the contents of the toilet everywhere. One of the bomb squad members was covered in feces, according to the police report.

As further evidence that laws regulating explosives are marginally effect at best is the type of explosives used:

Officers confiscated a roll of aluminum foil and a stack of 14 military-style meal heaters used to create similar bombs.

They are getting impatient

It appears the left is getting so close to their victory they are getting impatient. Sort of a “I’m so close I can taste it” type of thing. This is from Woody Allen:

“It would be good… if [President Obama] could be dictator for a few years because he could do a lot of good things quickly,” Allen is quoted as saying.

Allen is also to have said: “I am pleased with Obama. I think he is brilliant. The Republican Party should get out of his way and stop trying to hurt him.”

I read this last night and spent a lot of time thinking about it as I went to sleep and after I work up this morning.

My first thought in response was Allen would probably think it was a less desirable situation that he thinks because the health care system would probably be heavily strained by all the lead poisoning that would result from such a change in our form of government.

Then this morning I thought, “No. That wouldn’t happen. The military would be required to implement it and the leadership would quietly and firmly tell him that they took an oath to defend the constitution from all enemies–foreign and domestic. But then it occurred to me that the military course of action would probably be to replace Obama with the next in line to succeed the President. I’m not certain what Biden would do but I am of the opinion that Pelosi and the Marxists in Obama’s cabinet would all be inclined to take the role of dictator. What would happen if all the Commander-in-Chief replacements said their position was that a dictatorship (or the equivalent) was what was required?

Bear with me for a minor tangent…

Last week a friend (who I think I might have already known had a gun but he does not identify as a “gun-owner” like many of my friends) was on a rant about the debt, the bailouts, the health care farce, etc. and said he was about ready to get out his gun and start oiling it. He might have to start shooting pretty soon he said. I asked, “Who would you shoot?” After a long pause he said, “I would figure it out.”

This is would be the problem the military would be faced with. If there is just one or two (or 1000) people that are a threat to our form of government then the solution, even though “messy”, illegal, and perhaps immoral it would still be plausible to implement. But what if it is 20% of the population that is intent on enslaving the other 80%? Do you still think it could be done? Before you answer keep in mind that only about 1% to 2% of the German population was involved in the Holocaust and yet that small percentage was not stopped by the vast majority. Predators have a different mindset than gives them an advantage in many situations.

I don’t know the answer. But I do know the left is getting impatient and that recent gun sales show people who value their freedom are contemplating such solution to the looming threat.

Quote of the day–John Lott

Having a gun is consistently the safest course of action when someone is confronted by a criminal. Research by academics such as Gary Kleck and Larry Southwick have used the National Crime Victimization Survey, which surveys about 100,000 to 150,000 people each year, to directly measure how different types of victim reactions impact the probability that they will be injured by the attack. The data from the 1990s indicated that the probability of an injury after self protection with a gun is 3.6 percent; for running or driving away, 5.4 percent; screaming, 12.6 percent; threaten without weapon, 13.6 percent; and passive behavior, 55.2 percent.

John Lott
An Interview with John Lott
[I find it very interesting that the anything other than being passive will result in less injury than “giving them what they want” which is frequently the advice given by anti-gun activists.

This shows three things.

First, violent criminals think different than most people. In the stereotypical situation the bad guys offers you a deal, “Do what I want or get hurt.” But the evidence is that the bad guy frequently does not honor the deal they offered. They break the “contract” they wrote.

This was one of the surprising things I learned in the book Ice Man about mafia contract killer Richard Kuklinski. One of his contracts were brothers in South America who were suppliers of cocaine to the mafia. The mafia found a cheaper supplier and rather than simply paying for the last shipment and ordering from the new supplier they refused to pay for the last shipment. When the brothers complained about not being paid they hired Kuklinski to murder them. In another case Kuklinski had a request from a pharmacist for some cheap Tagamet (Kuklinski was also in the business of hijacking trucks and selling the contents “wholesale”). Kuklinski didn’t have any leads on it but when the pharmacist said he had the cash ($20K) in hand Kuklinski told him he had the drug and then killed him for the money when the delivery was supposedly going to be made.

For some reason this failure to honor agreements surprises me. It shouldn’t, I have had far too many personal interactions where people and organizations that are supposedly “normal” law-abiding and trustworthy violate not only verbal but written contracts that they themselves wrote. And that doesn’t even count the U.S. Constitution and how it has been violated by our public servants.

As a bit of a tangent this is further evidence that unless you have a means of enforcing a contract you should not count on the contract being honored. The Second Amendment is a last resort contract enforcement tool.

Second, I believe that criminals have a behavior pattern that can be accurately modeled as predator versus prey. The more you act like prey the more likely they are to treat you like prey. If you give off signals that you are also a predator (you can be a benign predator such as a sheep dog) the more likely they are to avoid getting into a conflict with you. If they think of you as a “grass eater” they do not think you worthy of respect any more than they would respect a steak in the refrigerator.

Third, it shows anti-gun activists live in a fantasy world with only a tenuous connection with reality.–Joe]

Quote of the day–Wendy Cukier

Myths surrounding the discussion around gun control tend to focus on the problems of urban violence, gangs, and handguns. This however ignores the fact that most firearm deaths in Canada are suicides and the guns most often used are rifles and shotguns. In addition, referring to harmless “duck guns” masks the truth: if this law passes, police will no longer be able to trace non-restricted firearms including the powerful semi-automatic Ruger Mini 14 used in the Montreal Massacre and sniper rifles such as the L115A3 and the Steyr-Mannlicher HS50 which can pierce Kevlar vests and fire bullets over 2 km with great accuracy.

Wendy Cukier
President of Coalition for Gun Control
May 25, 2010
Coalition for Gun Control Takes Aim at Myths About the Firearms Registry
[It may be that Cukier didn’t say those exact words. The news release is unclear about who actually wrote them. But the odds are very good she would not object to them being attributed to her.

Some of the myths she doesn’t address are those that she propagates. In just this one paragraph she does the following:

  1. Hints that suicide rates could be reduced if rifles and shotguns were registered. I don’t know of any data that suggests complete bans on firearms reduces suicide rates. Driving your vehicle into a concrete abutment, washing down an overdose of sleeping pills with alcohol, and using a razor blade to get an inside view of their veins always seem to be readily available substitutes for people lacking an interest in tomorrow.
  2. Hints there is a benefit in police tracing guns. The last time I had data on the topic (the Gun Rights Policy Conference in 2000) Canada had only solved two crimes with gun registration data after decades of handgun registration. If gun registration doesn’t help solve crimes then what is the point?
  3. The Ruger Mini 14 is not “powerful” compared to almost any other rifle. It shoots the intermediate (at best) .223 Remington cartridge.
  4. The L115A3 and Steyr-Mannlicher HS .50 are considered very powerful rifles and capable of long range accuracy but 2 km is a big stretch and can only be done when conditions are extremely favorable.
  5. To the best of my knowledge there have been zero crimes committed with these long range rifles let alone a preponderance of their use being criminal in nature. Without such evidence there is no rational justification for restrictions on them. Cukier is propagating a myth that there is some benefit to such restrictions.
  6. By saying the L115A3 and HS .50 can pierce Kevlar vests implies most other firearms cannot. This is not true. Nearly any center-fire rifle will pierce a Kevlar vest at ranges less than 200 meters and most will pierce a vest at 500 meters. Body armor for day-to-day use is intended for, and does a good job, of stopping pistol rounds. It is not intended for nor is it technologically feasible to make rifle resistant body armor that is appropriate for use in environments in anything other than battlefield environments.

Cukier apparently lives in a fairy tale land of her own making. I wouldn’t be surprised if she still believes in Santa Claus, The Easter Bunny, and The Great Pumpkin too.–Joe]

Video glasses while open carrying

I walked over to son James place for dinner and videos after work tonight. I decided to wear my new glasses and open carry. The video was boring so I didn’t both to post it.

On the way back it was cool and I put my coat on and it covered my gun. Besides they had the polarized lenses installed which would have made it difficult to see at night. In the entrance/exit to his condo complex there were two cop cars and another car. I turned on the video and just held them as I walked past.

The video was as good as could be expected in the low light. Here is a screen capture of one of the frames:

My expectation is that if there is enough light you can see then the video will be usable.

Unfortunately they broke when I took them off (they were hanging from a lanyard around my neck) when I got back to my place. The frame just above the right eye broke. I think I can glue them and then if I am very careful with them they will still be usable.

Steel Challenge match results

The match results from Sunday are in:

Lewiston Pistol Club 
Steel Match– May 23, 2010
Place Shooter Class TX * 5 2 Go TSAR Fadeaway Total Time Down
1 Mike B Limited 17.29 16.96 15.92 18.19 68.36
2 Don W Limited 16.23 21.05 14.67 20.00 71.95 3.59
3 Adam M Limited 18.70 18.63 17.91 17.69 72.93 4.57
4 Roger W Limited 16.54 20.33 16.88 23.37 77.12 8.76
5 Joe H Limited 15.84 20.90 21.67 21.64 80.05 11.69
6 Roger W Revo 18.09 20.39 19.03 25.74 83.25 14.89
7 Mike C Limited 23.85 29.43 26.08 41.11 120.47 52.11
8 Bob U Limited 32.18 30.73 26.92 38.15 127.98 59.62
9 Mike G Limited 31.86 27.17 24.05 46.51 129.59 61.23
10 John G Limited 26.15 41.10 26.79 39.97 134.01 62.06

Yellow indicates the stage winner. I won the first stage and did mediocre on the rest. Since there were four stages and four strings (five actually, but the slowest string is thrown out) per stage being down 11.69 seconds means that I averaged less than three quarters of a second more per string than the match winner. It was a closer match than it might look like.

I came in second on the bowling pin side match:

AdamM:   21.63

JoeH:       23.21

Don W:    25.61

MikeB:     29.40

BobU:      30.33

RogerW:   37.84

MikeC:     42.94

JohnG:     43.30

Had I known there was going to be the bowling pin match I would have brought different ammo. I have some hollow point bullets loaded a little on the “warm” side specifically for bowling pins. As it was the ammo I was using didn’t have as much momentum to transfer and had a greater tendency to bounce off from a less than direct hit. That might have made the difference between first and second place. But there is no shame in coming in a close second to Adam.

Quote of the day–Napoleon Bonaparte

Victory belongs to the most persevering.

Napoleon Bonaparte
[I read several more chapters in The Gun Rights War last night. The stuff from the 60s is amazingly similar to the stuff today. The anti-gun people carefully worded things to spin the facts in exactly the same way. Senator Thomas Dodd (father of the present day Senator Chris Dodd) held hearings and presented data that homicides via firearms were lower in states with repressive laws–conveniently leaving out that fact that the total homicide rate was the same or higher. Read the chapter The Dodd Bill Both Fact–And Fantasy.

That chapter was written nearly 44 years ago (July 1966). Both that Senator Dodd and Neal Knox are gone and both are replaced by their sons who still fight the same battle and use the same words. The other side has had many, many victories since then. But in the last 10 years we have started winning some of the battles.

Perseverance was key to those recent victories. Of course it also helps to have the U.S. Supreme Court, the facts, and 80 million fellow citizens in arms on your side too.–Joe]