Boomershoot in progress

The Precision Rifle Clinic and the Friday night High Intensity event were a success last night.

The weather was absolutely perfect. Hardly a cloud in the sky and no wind. Today it is raining again and the wind is a little bit of a concern for me. The forecast for tomorrow is better. It is supposed to just be cloudy but no rain.

The HI event went a little slower than desired in part because I didn’t have the badges completely ready and we broke it up into three flights in part so Oleg Volk could take more pictures. Oleg Volk at Boomershoot! How awesome is that?

Of course as near as I could tell he was only taking pictures of the women. But that’s okay–a lot of the pictures were of daughter Xenia and Boomershoot staff member Janelle.


2 thoughts on “Boomershoot in progress

  1. Joe, I got photos of you. You don’t look very female to me. Neither do the two dozen photogenic armed creatures with bears and whiskers. I’ll get you a DVD with all photos before I leave town.

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