Quote of the day–Karl Marx

Democracy is the road to socialism.

Karl Marx
[See also Socialism and Democracy.

Although Marx had not yet been born the Founding Father’s knew better than to give us a Democracy and created a Republic with enumerated powers instead. This has gradually been corrupted into an unlimited power monstrosity through appeals to Democracy. Remember this whenever someone espouses the virtues of Democracy. We don’t want a Democracy.

This quote was inspired by certain recent political events. I find it very telling that when asked where in the Constitution the Federal government is given the power to force people to buy health insurance the leaders of this monster say (via Bill Whittle), “Are you serious?” I think the appropriate answer to Ms. Pelosi’s response would have been to lower your voice by about an octave and slowly and clearly say, “As. Serious. As. A. Heart. Attack.“–Joe]


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day–Karl Marx

  1. I have had several conversations where people have assured me that we live in a Democracy. So far, the best retort has been

    “A democracy? Really? Ok, finish this phrase ‘I pledge allegiance to the Flag, of the United States of America and to the …’ to the what? That’s right, THE REPUBLIC for which it stands, not democracy”.

    That’s been pretty successful so far.

  2. Robb; We don’t sing “The Battle Hymn of The Democracy” either. ‘Course the lefty narrative never includes the “R Word”. There are several anti-democratic features in the constitution. The Founders were extremely suspicious of democracy. We’re only beginning to learn why. There is a lot more to learn, apparently.

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