Talk to a shrink and lose your guns

From Canada:

As a psychiatrist, I have had occasion to witness the efficacy of Canada’s gun control legislation in action and have recommended use of the information contained in the database to ensure that unstable individuals do not have access to firearms.

I have to wonder if Ms. Kane uses the same logic to advocate for a database of everyone that possesses recreational drugs, baseball bats, knives, matches, and sharp sticks so she can “ensure that unstable individuals do not have access” and become more unstable through their use and abuse.

What I expect the most likely result will be that gun owners in need psychiatric help will not seek it because they know they will likely lose their guns forever.


4 thoughts on “Talk to a shrink and lose your guns

  1. And of course somebody so unstable that they’ll whip out a gun and shoot people, what’s to keep them from jumping the curb and driving down a crowded sidewalk in their car?

    The bottom line is the average person has LOTS of ways to do grievous harm or murder to their fellow man without ever considering guns. Just the forces of Evil like to point to a civilian holster and say “Look! What if (s)he pulled out that gun and started shooting?” never mind the Police officer with the same gun in their holster. And of course never mind the person who is coming the other way down the street.

    They want you to think about me pulling out my gun and committing mayhem, but they don’t want you to think about the guy going 30 MPH down the street, with you coming 30 the other way suddenly deciding to crank his wheel to the left a few degrees.

    And how often do we pass somebody when we drive?

    never mind the man behind the curtain!

  2. But don’t the Canucks know that guns is good therapy?
    After going to the range and shooting off a few (boomers or not), shrinks are not needed.

  3. Well, ya know, it’s like shrinks and priests always say… If they violate the sanctity of the confessional — or the doctor-patient confidentiality — then people won’t trust them and they won’t talk to them.

    So color me surprised if people in Canada stop talking to shrinks. And about time, too. Place always DID strike me as being too… well balanced, if you know what I mean.


  4. I see this an EFH moment (Easier For Her), because she obviously doesn’t want anyone with guns to undergo treatment with her as their doctor.

    Look at it this way: this individual has publicly relieved herself of the likelihood that anyone with a gun who is less than a full blown crazy person will ever show up in her therapy sessions, because they know she is a hoplophobe.
    I hope that crazy person never shows up, because I don’t think reporting them to the police afterwards will help her any should violence occur.

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