We Get Questions

Some of them are answerable, and some are not.  Just got this one;

I am own this rifle which UltiMAK mount would I need for it?”

That’s it, exactly, in its entirety.  Not to make fun of my customers- the point is, if you want the right answer, you must ask the right question.  Another, very common one is; “Does your product fit my (XYZ) rifle?”  OK, which product?  I understand that you know which product you have in mind, but you have to actually tell me.  This one happens several times a week; “I lost this little, specific part for this specific product.  Could you send me another?”  OK, an address would be nice, you know, for the postman, and all.  I can’t remember the last time someone included an address when they wrote to ask for a part.  I don’t believe it’s ever happened.

A local restaurant owner wanted to talk to me about how he could attract more business.  When I went there to talk, I couldn’t find the door.  The first door I tried was locked.  If I hadn’t just talked with him and agreed to meet him there, I would have assumed the place was closed, and I’d have left.  I told him he might want to put a sign out front, you know, indicating that a; there is a restaurant here, and that, b; this is the door to use to get into it.  Lots of stuff like that.  That was months ago.  There is still no sign.  He notices his restaurant, and he knows which door to use, but…


2 thoughts on “We Get Questions

  1. To be fair, I never include a mailing address when I ask “can you send me this part” to a company, as it seems presumptuous. To my mind, I’m expecting either “sure, just give me your mailing address” or “sure, just go to this website and it’s easy to order.”

  2. Wolf; If you’re worried about such things, you can be subtle about it and put your address in your signature. Lots of people do that as a matter of course, so it shouldn’t ever appear presumptuous of you, as in;


    123 Any Street
    Anytown, USA 11111

    That way if I want to I can ship your part out ASAP, and not have to write back, then wait for your reply. Cuts down the bit load, makes the deal potentially run faster. Everybody wins. No downside.

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