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Its leaders fought for the right to : to work them like animals and kill them at will.

Its leaders fought for the right to enforce the institution of slavery with state-sanctioned terror and murder.

Its leaders were known as “Confederates”.

To preserve and defend their monstrous institution, Confederates spent centuries constructing massive social, economic, religious and cultural fortifications around it.

Like hemophilia, Confederates passed that comprehensive social, economic, religious and cultural worldview down generation after generation.

Like syphilis, to this day Confederates continue to spread that social, economic, religious and cultural worldview everywhere they go.

About 40 years ago, the Confederates changed their name.

Now they are known as “Republicans”.

April 7, 2010
Just In Case
[Some might say it is because of the state of our educational system. Others might say it was a simple error. But I’m inclined to think of it as a mental defect.

How can they live in such a fact free environment? No wonder they want government assistance for everything. They couldn’t find their way to their food without help from someone.

I left the following comment on their post:

You got a couple things mixed up. The anti-slavery people were Republicans and the pro-slavery people (including the racist bigots with their Jim Crow laws up through the 1960s) were all Democrats.

Other than that minor error I think you are pretty close.

I wonder if this is going to be another instance of “Reasoned Discourse“.–Joe]


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  1. Yep, pretty interesting how people are willing to re-write history to fit their world view, and never once consider actually looking at history to see if they were even close.

    The whole reason WHY the Republican party sprang into existence was because both the Democrats AND the Whigs were pro-slavery, and the Abolitionists needed a party to push their cause.

    My civil war history isn’t very strong, but even a moron recognizes US Grant in the portrait he opens with, and any quick perusal of a US history book, or google search will yield the political party he belonged to.

    What’s even worse is that at the time the Republicans were the younger more “Liberal” party, so if he had closed his post with the word “Conservatives” he might actually have an argument, rather than an admission of ignorance, as Democrats like Jefferson Davis were fighting to preserve the traditional lifestyle of the south, which included owning people.

    Being partisan is one thing, being LAZY is even worse.

    Count me in as somebody who will expect “Reasoned Discourse”(tm)

  2. The Republican party was founded in the upper mid-west from the remains of Whigs in the area and was anti-slavery from the start.

  3. Anthony poses a very good question, but since history has been tampered with for decades, anything’s possible. I remember my junior high school history classes, in which Hitler’s regime was defined as “Right Wing”. That was back in the 1970s, but this sort of thing is far older than that. I never understood, until very recently, why my public school history education was so horribly incomplete. A decent understanding of American history puts the Leftist/statist power structure on the severely endangered species list.

    Any person with the slightest bit of active curiosity will already know that any self-respecting KKK member has to be a Democrat.

    This brings us to the point where we discuss the prognosis. The 1960s, hippie, socialist radicals have the reigns of power in the U.S. right now, and they’re playing their hand as best they can, knowing this is their Big Chance. In so doing they have to reveal themselves more and more. They can’t forever claim to be anti-Fascist while simultaneously advocating and implementing Fascism. They can’t forever claim that our charges of communism against them are silly and paranoid, while they hobnob, cavort with, and appoint more and more self-described communist revolutionaries. The bubble has to burst sooner or later, or they have to make a bold and sweeping grab for control of communications. They are in quite a pickle right now. They’re either going to lose, big time, and/or they’re going to have to get very, very dangerous.

    There is hope, and plenty of it, but only if we get more active in local politics. I believe that this statism can best be fought from the grass roots— one state or one locale showing the way for others. This is already underway, but it has to grow and grow. It’s not up to Big, National, Dear Leaders, either. We can’t count on them. That’s been proven, what, a hundred thousand times? The science is settled. It is up to you.

  4. I see, so history books teach that all people from the south are racist, and people from the north are all loving and accepting. Yes I recall how there was no animosity towards ex-slaves that went up north after the war……………..

  5. Just watch the opening of “The Departed” where they play old news footage of the angry white protesters mad that black kids are going to their children’s schools.

    In Boston.

    Oh and what party were they?

  6. I voted for Eisenhower and every Republican since, except George H. W., and even I could tell he was lying. I should have known his son would lie. So after 50 years of it I don’t call myself a Republican. But I was born a Confederate and will die one. Fools like that writer do us a favor by raising their heads above the mass. He probably doesn’t know that gun laws were introduced to keep black people from owning weapons. When I went to Virginia in 1955 I met Judge Ted Dalton, Republican, who had recently been defeated in the Governor’s race. He was the second Republican I had ever known at 21 years of age. The first was Ed Nixon, whose brother was V.P. and with whom I roomed at NC State because no democrat would room with him. Sterling man. Judge Dalton’s main platform plank was the elimination of the poll tax. Poll taxes were used across the South to discourage black people from voting. Virginia Republicans finally got it killed and elected Linwood Holton as the first Republican governor since the War of Northern Aggression. Sadly, many Republicans are as ignorant of true history as this fool you featured must be. And the Great Emancipator, Lincoln, only “freed” the slaves in the secessionist states. There were many other slaves that he “overlooked.”

    I’m almost 80, Joe, and you keep my hope for America alive.

  7. And now it would appear as though that particular bigot is doubling-down and going for the “proof by vigorous assertion” route.

    *shakes head* One would think not-really-“liberals” would grow out of the “if I say it enough times, it must be true” mentality…

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