Photo of the year?

Linoge claims one of the pictures of private Boomershoot party for Ian is “photo of the year”.

I’m not entirely comfortable with that claim. But it is nice that he did say that.

It was a pretty ordinary day and event in a lot of ways. What of the days when we have 120 shooters connecting with 1 MOA reactive targets out to 700 yards? I think of those pictures as more awe inspiring to me and are probably PSH inspiring to the anti-gun people. And what of the other private parties such as this one with Shobana? (BTW, she is planning on attending another private party soon.) She is from a country that has just as restrictive laws, if not more so, than Canada. And also, the year is young still.

But it’s an opinion thing. Linoge’s opinion is probably just as good as mine in this case.

In any event I have uploaded the original, unedited, high resolution photo for your viewing pleasure here (just shy of 5 Mbytes).

Update: I added the link to his post. Sorry about forgetting that.


3 thoughts on “Photo of the year?

  1. I don’t know about photo of the year, but it does brighten my day to see someone that happy doing something they enjoy.

  2. Eh, I just call them as I see them.

    The pictures of 120+ people arrayed across the firing line are, indeed, impressive, but the odds are relatively good that most of those people have done such a thing before. I very much preferred (as a matter of opinion) the picture of one solitary individual, learning about the spark of liberty by igniting a few sparks of his own. It was significantly more personal, more involved, more… visceral, perhaps. In the end, even the greatest of movements are comprised of sole individuals, and some of the greatest started with those singular people. This is not to say that Ian will do such a thing, nor to expect him to… but you never know.

    Shobana’s picture is much the same, though it was last year ;).

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