Quote of the day–Bjorn Sandberg

These new bats are too powerful. They’re like weapons.

Bjorn Sandberg
March 26, 2010
Metal bats unsafe to swing?
[Haven’t we been saying that after guns are banned they will try to do the same thing with knives and baseball bats? And the anti-freedom people laugh and make fun of us about it.

While this article isn’t in the context of “crime prevention” the “right” words are being used. If we were to lose the right to keep and bear arms I would expect there would be “safe storage” requirements and other restrictions on baseball bats within a few years.–Joe]


3 thoughts on “Quote of the day–Bjorn Sandberg

  1. I don’t care WHAT they claim to be for or against. The people looking to place “Common Sense Gun Control” on us simply want to ban all guns, period, unless they are being packed by members of the .gov. Maybe many of them have no earthly clue on how guns work, or the current laws in place, so a simple request of “Closing the gunshow loophole” will sound like enough to them. But passing such laws will only encourage them to pass more restrictive laws. And given that they are banning THINGS to solve a PEOPLE problem, when the guns are gone, the problem will still persist, so they will turn to knives, bats, plumbing ect ect.

    Sorry, we can stop here and start using REAL common sense.

  2. The recent health care bill will only increase to tendency to ban any and all dangerous activity, or any activity that is perceived as dangerous. Banning one type of baseball bat is likely to be only the first step toward banning baseball entirely. When the government provides the necessities of your life, the government owns you. It can then dictate what dangerous activities you are allowed to engage in. It can also dictate what dangerous tools you may own. This applies whether the tool is a gun, a baseball bat, a knife, a table saw, a printing press, or anything else the government might decide to restrict, regulate, or ban.

  3. I don’t think sporting equipment rules have anything to do with gun control. Making kids wear football helmets or use wooden bats so they are less likely to get hurt isn’t the same as removing a Constitutional right.

    When I take my kid to the range, I make him wear goggles, ear muffs, and follow all the range rules.

    When I played in High School I preferred the feel of wooden bats, but the damn things would break. The newer metal bats my kids use are scary. They are very light, slightly end-weighted and extremely hard. So you can launch a baseball at an incredible velocity – enough to kill a pitcher.

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