Quote of the day–Nicolo Machiavell

It should be noted that hatred is acquired as much by good works as by bad ones.

Nicolo Machiavell
The Prince, Chapter XIX
[I suspect this is part of the problem people of liberty have. They don’t want to be disliked and are willing to make compromises to make other people less hateful of them. Tyrants and “progressives” have no problem with the hatred others have of them. It’s just not that big of an issue to people like leftists Bill Ayers (neighbor and family friend of President Obama), Joseph Stalin, or Pol Pot. If they have to kill a few million people in order to create their utopia and are hated by some for that, what’s the big deal? It was for a good cause.

I think a little non-violent ruthlessness in pursuit of liberty might be a good thing. Someone that doesn’t fasten their seat belt or eats the wrong foods and is injured or gets ill at an early age should be considered an example of what not to do and left to the care of those that might see some benefit in helping them. Those examples are not justification to use the force of government (the point of a gun) to take from those that played the cards life gave them more carefully. We might be hated for that but the end result is a smarter and healthier society in more ways than one.–Joe]


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day–Nicolo Machiavell

  1. “I think a little non-violent ruthlessness in pursuit of liberty might be a good thing.”-Joe Huffman

    Sorry, but you are wrong. It has been proven the non-violent thing is no longer viable as an effective strategy or tactic. Just like the Army mule, you must first get attention.

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