It’s a small world

Barb called me tonight to tell me she saw a woman open carrying in the grocery store. It looked like “the woman in Moscow who reads your blog”.

I’m pretty sure there is more than one woman in Moscow that reads my blog–considering both of my daughters and Barb are women, live in Moscow,ย and make mention of the things I write on a fairly regular basis. But regardless, I was pretty sure I was able to disambiguate who she was talking about. It had to be Laurel.

Barb told me she approached her (Paul Helmke and friends are wrong, normal people don’t get scared, run away or call the cops at the sight of an openly carried firearm) and asked. It turns out the guess of Laurel was wrong. Close, but wrong. It was Laurel’s sister.

Further chatting revealed that sister and her husband own the local BBQ joint. Barb was absolutely thrilled. In addition to me now smiling when she spends money at Starbucks she is convinced I will spend more money on their delicious BBQ (we have been there before and found it quite good). Barb went on to say that she just wishes Michaels and Joann would do something to curry my favor such that she could spend as much money as she wanted without me developing a frown.


2 thoughts on “It’s a small world

  1. Joe –

    You’re welcome down at VJ’s anytime! We enjoy like-minded people – so far our Gadsden flag and Declaration of Independence haven’t scared too many people off! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Let us know about Boomershoot!


  2. I love VJ’s, I just wish I could afford to eat out more often ๐Ÿ˜€ Driving past when they have the smoker going ALWAYS makes me hungry hehehehe.

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