The Revolution has Begun

Just so we’re clear; No, I’m not kidding.

I attended a rally for Idaho Gubernatorial candidate, Rex Rammell last night in troy, and spoke with him for some time.  No arrests were made.  They fed us elk spaghetti.  Afterward, I told my older brother that Rex was either the best damned actor in all the world or he is for real.  I’m now convinced he is for real.  Rammell has fought the Idaho Legislature and won, he has defied state authority over his own property rights, had his livestock killed and taken by state goons, been arrested, fought that, and won, and he is now jacked up to fight for Idaho, within Idaho and with the feds, for liberty.  His plan is make Idaho an example for the rest of the states to follow.

Read his website and his Facebook page.  That’s not the half of it.  This is our guy.  I don’t care what state you call home, Rex wants be the one to show the rest of the country how it’s done, he’s willing to push back and to defy the powers that be in order to restore liberty based on America’s founding principles.  Among the agenda items in what he refers to as “The Cause” are; eliminating the Idaho income tax and creating a welcome environment for business to grow the economy, that will in turn attract more motivated people into the state to grow the economy, massively reduce the state department of education thereby eliminating the top-heavy system and relinquishing education control back to the locals, get everyone in the state off of welfare, and (get this) returning the two thirds of the State of Idaho that’s now federal land, back to the state.  If elected, he promises to climb aboard a bulldozer and use it to rip out some Forrest Service gates in front of the TV cameras.

He’s willing to “force them (the feds) out” of the state and he has a plan for doing just that.  “Gone.”  I don’t mean he’s going to sue on Tenth Amendment gounds or whatever.  That’s just a first step.  Rex is willing to do whatever it takes.  He’s been there before, as state goons were shooting his elk (with 5.56 mm AR-15s, the dipshits) right in front of him on his own property.  Don’t let his soft looks fool you.  He’s that skinny, quiet kid who’ll nail his targets at 1,000 yards and carry the water after the loudmouth bodybuilder has quit the fight.

Rex is a Mormon, and some will be put off by that.  Don’t be stupid.  Listen; he’s convinced that fighting for American principles is his calling in life.  That’s passion.  He has courage and a sense of purpose, and those are exactly what we need for this fight.  Make no mistake about it; there will be a fight and it will get ugly.  Best we start it from inside the system, with the constitution and founding principles of liberty as our guide.

If you’re one of those people, as am I, who’s been alarmed and disgusted at the direction this country has been going, and yet frustrated that there seems to be no one to vote for who’s serious, Rex is your candidate.  For years I’ve been watching the culture war in this country, hearing talk show host after talk show host, reading blogger after blogger, all chronicling the corrupt behavior of the Evil Party, and the cowardice, capitulation and corruption of the Stupid Party.  For years I’ve been saying; “OK!  I get it already!  Now what do we DO about it?”  Well this is what you do about it– you spread the word about Rex Rammell, attend his rallies, and support his primary campaign.  If you live in Idaho, you get at least ten people out with you and you vote in the primary election in May.

The Idaho Gubernatorial election will be decided in the May primary.  Rammell is up against Butch Otter, and the winner in the primary is going to be our next Governor.  Spread the word.  His campaign is running on a shoestring right now.  This Revolution can either splutter to a pause, leading to more and deeper pain, or it can roar forward.  It depends on you.

There you go.  I’ve never said much of anything nice about a politician before.  Most of them are sub-human scum.  If you knew me, you’d understand what a difference I see in this guy, to say anything positive about him.


5 thoughts on “The Revolution has Begun

  1. Lyle,

    As a new Idahoan, I have to ask, what’s wrong with Butch? So far I’m really liking what I’m seeing with him…

  2. It’s funny, but my main reservation is that his name is Rex. People tend to try to live up to their monikers.

  3. Were I an Idahoan, I’d consider backing Rex. Also, I’m not so much worried as to how he worships God. Will he be honorable and work toward what he says he wishes to accomplish? Thirdly, does he have a brother in Missouri? Our current choices leave much to be desired.

  4. “…what’s wrong with Butch?”

    More typical Republican. You have to look into it yourself. Taxes have been raised. Payroll taxes recently nearly doubled. I have the memo from the state. I am an employer. Entertains Global Warming. Is that enough? He likes to posture, likes to present himself as a conservative, will take advantage of other people’s passion and action and let you think it’s his own. No proactive efforts to deal with the massively top-heavy state education system, and just like everyone else, afraid to touch that “third rail”. As I said– typical Republican. It’s up to you to do your homework. I’ll take a guy any day who’s pissed off and willing to take risks to push back hard. Otter’s “better” than the wild-eyed Marxist radicals, unless you realize that being “better” (playing the good cop along with the bad cop Democrats) isn’t going to roll back the Marxist infrastructure. Ever. That’s the very sort of thing some of us have been bitching about for many years. The Old Guard Republicans have had their chance (we gave them both houses of Congress and the Whitehouse at the same time) and failed. We elect a standard Republic governor in Idaho time after time, and taxes are higher than ever, with more people on welfare.

    It is at the state level that things are going to be turned around. You need be talking with your neighbors, your local business owners, your doctor, dentist, et al, and work out a plan. We’ve been sitting at our computers bitching for years, and while chronicling the evils of the Left is valuable, offering solutions has not been our strong side. At this point, if someone isn’t aware of the problem, forget them. There’s no time left to waste bandying words with fools. Enough people already know we have a huge problem, but few have any plans of action. Rex has his flaws no doubt, and some of the Libertarians are going to piss and moan, but one thing he does have is an action plan, a set of conservative, property rights principles, and the cojones to back it up.

    As I see it all of us, individually, have two choices. We can continue to sit and bitch, as we’ve all become so comfortable doing for so many years. That’s been our role in society. Some of us relish that role and will be unwilling to do much of anything else. On the other hand, we can take direct action by getting into politics, or we can support someone else who has a plan for direct action. Sit and bitch or get directly involved. There are many ways to do either one, but those are the two basic choices.

    Most of us here are gun guys. Some have read “Unintended Consequences” or other works of what I call the “Post Apocalypse Fantasy” genre. Some on the forums tend to be getting all prepared for a final showdown or some such, but mostly what I see in that attitude is an excuse to do nothing; “Politics is broken and I’m prepared to fight it out, so bring it on.” They’re retreating from the process right when need participation more than ever. That is stupid as hell. No, Skippy, the idea is to strenuously avoid that, while working to undercut the Marxists from the inside. That’s what Rex wants to do as governor of the state. I’ve taken to bringing at least a pistol and a carbine with me at all times. At the same time I very much want to avoid having to use them, because I understand that if it comes to that, my life (and my family’s) as I know it is already over.

  5. Instead of a brother, can we clone him? Send a couple of dozen to the Peoples Republic of Kalifornia. I can think of a governor, 2 senators, and several mayors right off the top of my head that have been wasting oxygen for years.

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