Vicious Circle on Boomershoot

I just finished up participating in a Vicious Circle episode. The supposed topic was Boomershoot. In fact we basically started on Boomershoot and mostly ended up talking about Boomershoot but as it the case with all Vicious Circle podcasts there was a lot of topic drift. Also discussed were:

  • The Jews In The Attic Test
  • Nationalized health care
  • The perfection of Lucy Lawless’s nipples and how to view them
  • Yet another way to blow up a plane that the TSA cannot stop
  • Total world-wide economic collapse
  • The Texas Navy
  • Screwdrivers
  • Windows Phone 7 Series
  • Narcissistic personalties
  • Caleb
  • How many boxes of .22 ammo it will cost for a virgin after the total world-wide economic collapse

There was also a lot of giggling–particular when I told them that Barb asked me if Alan edited out the naughty words.

And that is just the stuff I can think of off the top of my head.

Update: It is available now.


4 thoughts on “Vicious Circle on Boomershoot

  1. I endured about 45 minutes of it – does it go on for hours? When my college buddies and I got semi-drunk and rambled on about random topics, at least we didn’t record it and foist it off as media. Is there a point to VC, or is it simply self-indulgence masquerading as blogotainment?

  2. Yep – you pretty well nailed it in your post, Joe. It’s a step above road noise if you want some sound in the background, but not as pleasant as frog chorus or bird songs.

    You did a pretty nice commentary on Boomershoot – but I think you outclassed your compadres there by a bunch.

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