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So showing civility to the other side is something I do believe is part of being a good citizen, but I also think it’s a smart strategy for moving the issue forward as well. If upon finding someone is anti-gun your response is never to speak to them again, you’re missing out on an opportunity to break down preconceptions and prejudices. How do you all deal with anti-gunners in your lives?

March 6, 2010
Lots of Anti-Gun Folks In This World
[Another way to think of this is that you respond to their actions and what they say rather than their presence.

Think of carrot and stick. If they say or do something obnoxious you punish them (verbally or perhaps in the courts or legislature). If they do something right you praise them. I just don’t see the point in being in a constant state of anger and/or vindictiveness.

If you are constantly a jerk toward them they and others will find justification for treating you poorly in return.–Joe]


5 thoughts on “Quote of the day–Sebastian

  1. “If you are constantly a jerk toward them they and others will find justification for treating you poorly in return.”

    Not me, Joe. I turn the other cheek.

  2. I can see how being a designated repeater for the hate, ignorance, and lied filled blog posts by Brady, The Gun Guys, Laci, Liberal Viewer, and Laci the 50-year-old Philly Lawyer is “Turning the Other Cheek”, Kinda like my “Vegetarian” Friend who always ordered steak or burgers when we went out to eat.

  3. One other thing I think some folks misunderstood is this is a very individual thing. Some gun control people are jerks who aren’t worth dealing with. If having gone to introduce myself to the Brady folks, they had treated me like dirt, I would have used that against them. Some folks mentioned Bryan Miller or Josh Sugarmann — but those guys I think have given strong indications they are fire breathers when it comes to interactions with the other side. No need to treat them nicely if they treat us badly. But there’s information to be gained by trying some interaction.

  4. Even more to gain if you can get them on film, or recorded on the internet of them loosing their cool.

    Like the countless anti-gun shills who threaten violence to those whom they disagree with.

  5. If the anti-gunner is being a closed-minded open-mouthed jerk, there is no way you (as a pro-gunner) can get a word in edge-wise. It will just turn into a (at best one-sided) shouting pissing match. In this case, it’s best to keep one’s mouth shut & walk away for the moment.

    You have to wait until the other person is in a more receptive frame of mind and attitude to attempt a heart-to-heart talk and change of perceptions.

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