Quote of the day–Gene Hoffman

County counsel will realize he’s going to lose if we’re forced to file. Let’s imagine County Counsel is a moron or San Francisco. We file for a TRO and Permanent Injunction, cite Sykes and get on the calendar in Federal court in the next 3-7 days. The TRO will be granted and off the PI will often be granted as well. Both command the Sheriff to issue you your permit or US Marshalls will come and arrest the Sheriff and take him to a Federal jail on contempt (or in the alternative, fine him personally – Federal judges are not to be messed with.) At that point, the County pays for all legal fees expended by CGF (or you.) Once you have on point controlling case law, these things get done fast and on the County’s dime.

County Counsel understands these things, hence they never go there. Today, there is no on point binding Federal Court precedent… Give us a few more months.

Gene Hoffman
February 28, 2010
Chairman, The Calguns Foundation
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[This assumes a win in McDonald v. Chicago (almost a sure thing) and in Sykes/Palmer (California case on hold pending McDonald v. Chicago resolution). Oral arguments at the U.S. Supreme Court in McDonald are tomorrow. We will get a pretty good hint of how that will go then. I don’t have any tea leaves for Sykes/Palmer but I suspect David does and might share his reading of them with us.

It’s a little early to start buying care packages of K-Y jelly for the bigoted sheriffs that denied you the CCW license in California who you envision spending quality time with their new boyfriend in a Federal prison. So send a few dollars to Calguns Foundation now to make that dream come true.–Joe]


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  1. “Let’s imagine County Counsel is a moron or San Francisco”

    Great line.

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