Brady wants your help

This is a different Brady than who I usually post about.

These are the good guys:

Special Attention Taxpaying Residents of Los Angeles, California

The Fifty Caliber Institute is working closely with the law firm of Michel & Associates, PC in the Los Angeles area to locate possible candidates who have suffered under the restrictive laws of the City of Los Angeles relating to firearm ownership and the possession or transfer of ammunition. If you meet the criteria established here, please take the time to make a phone call to one of these attorneys to see if we can start turning some of these egregious laws around. J Sigler, President-FCI

Call to Action

NRA/CRPA Seek Plaintiffs to Challenge Los Angeles Bans on Sale of .50 Caliber Firearms and Ammunition

Discussions between NRA/CRPA attorneys Michel & Associates, P.C. and the City of Los Angeles, California, regarding repealing that city’s ban on the sale of .50 caliber (and larger) firearms and ammunition have reached an impasse. As a result, NRA/CRPA have no option left but to file suit to invalidate the ordinances.

“Ideal candidates” for the “.50+ Caliber Ban” would be homeowners/taxpayers in Los Angeles who legally own or possess a firearm (handgun or rifle) that uses (or can use) ammunition that is .50 caliber or larger; especially if you would like to have the option of selling, giving or transferring the firearm (or its ammunition) in any way.

An “ideal candidate” would also be a person who would like to purchase/receive such a firearm – especially good children who want to “inherit” such a firearm from a parent; or someone who is receiving one as a gift.

There is no charge or fee to any person who wishes to participate as a plaintiff.

If you or anyone you know fit the above description of an “ideal candidate”, please contact Sean Brady, Esq. of Michel & Associates, P.C. as follows:

Sean A. Brady, Esq.
Michel & Associates, P.C.
Attorneys at Law
180 East Ocean Blvd., Suite 200
Long Beach, CA 90802
Direct dial number: 562- 216-4445

If you fit the description of the “ideal candidate” – please contact Sean Brady today!


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  1. And or the first time in a decade I briefly wish I had visited LA once in the past decade…. oh well.

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