Pardon me but your your bias is showing

Alan Korwin was smart enough and fast enough to turn the tables on “an authorized journalist” during a recent encounter with a group of them:

The AP writer told of an assignment she got from the New York office, formerly the core of AP, and now restructured as one of four regional hubs. It seems the nation was bursting with hope and optimism right after Mr. Obama’s inauguration, and now, one year later, everyone was disappointed and dejected.

“But wait,” pointed out The Uninvited Ombudsman, the emcee for the evening event, “for half the nation’s people, there was hopeless disappointment and dejection right after the election, and now, a year later, there is finally a ray of hope and light at the end of the tunnel. Doesn’t your story neglect that half of the picture?”

All four AP staffers, who had nodded approvingly during the anecdote, stared like deer caught in headlights.



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  1. For pointing out something like that, see if HE ever gets invited back somewhere! :0

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