Search engine ranking for blogs on Brady Campaign

If you do a search of blogs for “Brady Campaign” you get progun posts. Nice!

One of my posts is number one with Bing. Say Uncle has a post with the top honors via Google.

No wonder the Bradys think they are fighting the NRA when it’s really reduced to fighting a bunch of guys in their pajamas. Actually, I don’t have any pajamas. I’m wearing a robe at the moment.


4 thoughts on “Search engine ranking for blogs on Brady Campaign

  1. Not trying to bust your bubble, but I wonder if your search results are tailored to you. At work, where I do not log into Google or Bing, the Brady’s have the entire front page to themselves.

  2. Did you click on the links given? Or did you do you own searches directly with Google/Bing?

    The links provided are for blog searches. Not general web searches.

    I just tried it from four different computers all with different IP addresses (in three different states) and all had the same result. I tried it with and without referral strings.

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