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Open Carry, which last year invited its members to holster up outside President Obama’s speaking sites, said it would not be deterred. Unfortunately, more than two dozen states also have allowed themselves to be bullied by the gun lobby into adopting similarly dangerous law.

New York Times
February 19, 2010
Who Can Relax This Way?
[The ignorance of these bigots is showing. Or else they consider the Founding Fathers of the nation and the individual states to be “the gun lobby” who bullied the states. Open carry has been legal in most states since before there was a United States. And there is good reason to believe the U.S. Supreme court will someday soon find that the right to carry a gun in public is a specific enumerated right protected by the Second Amendment.

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6 thoughts on “Quote of the day–New York Times

  1. The Times is upset because they know they are going to lose on 2A incorporation which will open up the Sullivan Law to challenge. Can’t have the underclasses (legally) carrying guns outside of the Times offices in NYC.

  2. Joe, are you linking to Brady Campaign press releases again? It seems that their website is now set up to read like a newspaper. How odd for the Bradys to change their website like that.

  3. They also have Chai Lattes, it’s like thanksgiving desert in a cup. I don’t drink coffee either, but if you don’t like the Chai Latte, you’re not human.

  4. Funny, isn’t it, how the NYT op-ed site doesn’t allow dissent comments. I wonder why that is….NOT!

  5. The funny thing is that, back in our Founding Fathers’ days, carrying a handgun concealed was considered to be indicative of criminal intent, and was something “gentlemen” rarely did unless their attire required it.

    They all still went armed on a very regular basis, it was simply out in the open, for all the world to see… and largely ignore as being common and appropriate.

    I think it is safe to say that they would view various states’ permit-only, concealed-only requirements to be a significant step backwards…

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