Starbucks Appreciation Day

As I forwarded from Mike yesterday we need to have a Starbucks Appreciation day. In some back channel communication with other gun bloggers and friends in the gun rights community (Ashley V. suggested some wording for me to use) no one had any objection to Mike’s suggestion. Therefore I would like to announce that one week from today on Sunday February 21 gun owners should have a Starbucks Appreciation Day.

I would like to suggest we do this without an overt display of firearms. Our message of Starbucks Appreciation will be overshadowed by the known presence of firearms if we make having a firearm on our person the point of the message. Let’s keep it simple and let the barista and manager know why we’re making a purchase that day.

You can get the message across just as well by saying something like:

Please know I’m here because firearm owners across the country want to show Starbucks our appreciation for your decision not to ostracize customers who own and carry guns.

I’m going to be consuming Starbucks products on a regular basis now and would like for other gun rights supporters to do the same. But next Sunday we should make a point of telling them why and explicitly telling them thank you.

Update: One supporter (Lorena) says, “Have a cup of joe with Joe!”


6 thoughts on “Starbucks Appreciation Day

  1. I was a java-slinger back in my college (& pre-gunnie) days and if a customer came up and started discussing gun ownership with me while I was just trying to do my job, I would have been somewhat alarmed. Please take that into consideration. It’s a nice sentiment, and it’s always important to say thank you, but walking up to the counter and immediately starting in on the gun talk with some unsuspecting barista might not be the wisest course of action.

    Writing a letter to Starbucks headquarters might be a better idea.

  2. One data point does not make a valid sample but when I told the barista this morning why I was buying two $25 gift cards she gave me a big smile and said “Thank you!”

    Also, we are doing the letter writing as well.

  3. Of course.

    The San Francisco Bay area or NYC is not going to have the same reception I had in North Central Idaho.

    You your own best judgement as to what will do the most good.

  4. I *LOVE* this idea… but I don’t think it will be very effective (or maybe even backfire) if we don’t have a sizable turn out. Is there anyway we can get some broader publicity? Like maybe from the NRA or other shooting organizations?

  5. It’s nice to say thanks here in the Bay Area because this was the recent flash-point of open carry, the one remaining thing we CAN do in California that caused alarm to Starbucks, and also just because there are so many bedwetting hoplophobes around to tweak them.
    But like a friend noted, Starbucks doesn’t really sell coffee, they sell MILK – the coffee’s just flavoring.

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