Xenia and her husband John bought a new car today. Since John is several thousand miles away at the moment I gave her a ride to the dealership and provided “moral support”. It is the first car she has ever owned.

Since the salesman who sold them the car was at his grandmother’s funeral it was the dealership owner that did the paperwork and gave us a mug (for Xenia) and two hats (one for John, one for me). He was very nice and gave Xenia his card which had his home phone number on it in case she had trouble with the car that wasn’t resolved with the normal staff. He asked Xenia to thank John for his service (U.S. Army). So far, I highly recommend Jess Ford in Pullman.

On the way back she called me (using the integrated Bluetooth cellphone connection) and talked about how cool it was that she could call people with her car. It even has voice recognition, she pushed a number, said, “Dial”, spoke the number and said, “Dial” again. Very cool and the car is definitely shiny.


2 thoughts on “Shiny

  1. Jess Ford in Pullman is the best dealership I’ve ever dealt with. I’ve now bought two rigs through them. The latest rig I got was the replacement for the Explorer that was rolled at the beginning of January. I went in and saw them just after it happened and Andrew and the rest of the dealership worked to find exactly what it was we were looking for (electronic stability control and sync). They even worked it so it was in the price range we were looking for. Andrew also called to see how Janelle was doing while she was recovering.

    So I now have a 2010 F350 diesel and a 2008 Ford Explorer both through Jess Ford. Service is awesome to boot. A buddy had an older F250 from the generation that had turbo issues. The service manager told him if it never failed, bring it in just before warranty was up and they’d replace it anyway to ensure there wasn’t a failure.

    Most of the dealership knows Janelle and I both by name. After growing up in “Auburn” with all the car dealerships, I’ve grown to hate and despise them. They were all snakes in the grass, but Jess has always treated us very well and I am more than willing to recommend them to anyone. My in-laws keep telling us we should go across the state to buy a car. Why, I still haven’t figured out. Taxes are cheaper out here, I see members of the dealership daily (Ran into Jeff the financing guy at Home Depot yesterday), and they don’t try to screw me.

  2. We have a few of the hybrid versions of those at work… Honestly, for being a fleet vehicle, was generally impressed with the fit and finish of everything inside, as well as all of the options and functionalities included with it. And despite being a hybrid, it can get-up-and-go with the best of other four-door sedans I have driven (though there is a momentary lag as it attempts the electric motor then shifts to the ICE).

    ‘Course, personally, I tend more towards the short, fast, and nimble sides of automotive design, but as a first car goes, she could definitely do worse :).

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