Quote of the day–Rep. Pete Jorgensen

I’ve been in situations in other countries working where I’m glad I didn’t have a gun. I’ve not sure I would’ve controlled myself.

Rep. Pete Jorgensen
February 12, 2010
Gun bill gains backing
[The real reason comes out. They don’t trust themselves so they don’t trust other people.

The question I have is if they don’t think they can be trusted to have the power of a gun in their hands why should we trust them with the power of government in their hands?–Joe]


5 thoughts on “Quote of the day–Rep. Pete Jorgensen

  1. As an infamous Chinese revolutionary cadre-leads once said (paraphrasing Trotsky), “All power comes from the barrel of a gun” – and a Government is nothing more than a projection of gun-force into the civilian life.

  2. Sure enough. Pete Jorgensen is saying he doesn’t believe he has self-control– that, given the tools, he presents a plausible danger to himself and others, or that an inanimate object has the ability to take over his mind and control his actions. We have a name for that, don’t we?

    One now must ask the question; how prevalent is this sort of thinking? Is this mindset the basis for the whole anti second amendment movement? Maybe Jorgensen should admit himself to the nearest mental institution for evaluation and treatment, taking leave from his official duties until some important questions about his mental facility can be answered.

  3. Do these people ever listen to themselves when they speak, or do they just kinda fade in and out while making noises?

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