Quote of the day–Dennis A. Henigan

The central policy issue is whether the enactment of specific restrictions on firearms will prevent violence. Whether violence necessarily increases with the number of guns available in a society provides little guidance on that central issue.

Dennis A. Henigan
Vice president for law and policy at the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence.
Lethal Logic, page 108.
[Even after reading the entire book I still have to shake my head at these two sentences. They almost directly contradict each other. If violence doesn’t increase with the availability of guns in a society then that does tell us that guns are an independent variable in the search for ways to prevent violence. “Independent variable” means it doesn’t make any difference in the outcome. Hence they cannot legitimately claim violent crime as justification for “specific restrictions on firearms”.

He does attempt to explain what he means in the following pages. But it boils down him claiming that restricting access and public carrying of firearms does prevent violence and it does not decrease “the number guns available in a society”. This is a disingenuous at best and actually is factually false.

Even the CDC says there is no evidence that any gun control laws have made people safer. Just One Question has been around for over five years now and still there hasn’t been an answer come up that Henigan would be happy with. And anytime you increase the cost (money, time, and risk of innocently breaking a law are including in the definition of “cost” in this context.) the market will respond by lowering consumption.

Hence, ANY restriction put on firearms will necessarily decrease the number of guns available. Throughout the entire book Half-Truth Henigan very carefully words things such they are just barely true or only delve into outright falsehoods long enough to arrive at misleading conclusions. I think I have the time today, so today is going to be the day that I go through my notes on his book and make them into a blog post.–Joe]