Head count from the “assault weapon” hearing in Olympia

Joe Waldron reported the following to the WA-CCW and WA-Guns email lists on the hearing in Olympia on Tuesday:

I just finished scanning the sign-in sheets on the bill.

313 signed in

14 signed “pro” (yes) on the bill
299 signed “con” (no) on the bill.

Actually, it was 11 “yes” and three blank, but they were in a bunch, all from Ceasefire, so I gave them the benefit of the doubt.

Congratulations to Washington gun owners on a fine turnout! It doesn’t quite beat the count for the gun show bill three years ago (SB 5197), but it was close!!!

21.4 to 1.

Typical. And probably the reason the MSM didn’t mention numbers.

Also in the comments there was mention of people on our side that didn’t sign in because they got there a little bit late (parking is hard to find near the capital) and who were directed to the overflow area away from the sign in table.

Good job guys.

Oh, there were some people that open carried. The cops helping with crowd control were just fine with it. They OC, so why should there be a problem if their bosses OC?


2 thoughts on “Head count from the “assault weapon” hearing in Olympia

  1. Amazing the reaction you get when you intentionally, flagrantly, and unnecessarily threaten law-abiding citizens’ rights. You would think our duly-elected representatives would learn something from situations like these, but, invariably, they remain ignorant, and willfully so.

  2. I’d bet my lunch money that you won’t see numbers reported until or unless the gun control side outnumbers or at least equals the bill of rights side.


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