Brady Campaign strategy

They are down 97 points from the NRA who is in the lead. SAF is ahead of them by 95 points. Even GOA and JPFO lead them by 80 points. There is only one stage left in the match. It’s a 20 round field course worth 100 points. Both the NRA and SAF have to almost zero the stage and Brady has to almost win the stage to come out ahead. It doesn’t look good for the Brady Campaign.

A banjo playing in the background keeps getting louder. The gun nuts are oiling their guns, calling them “My Precious”, and smiling that funny smile. They stare at the Brady’s squirming and fully expect them to drop their guns and few remaining possessions and bolt for the nearest homeless shelter any second.

So what do the Brady people do? Dennis sends Sarah out for cookies.

[Actually, my understanding is Sarah probably would get distracted by something else she found in the kitchen and wouldn’t get to the cookies.]


1 thought on “Brady Campaign strategy

  1. It must really suck being by far the smartest people on the planet (in their minds) and being surrounded by hundreds of millions of people who don’t support them in their supreme wisdom.

    I bet Kim Jong Il feels similarly, except that he at least has ultimate power over some people. Maybe the Brady folks should hook up with him, so the ultra smart people can hang together (..ahem..).

    [begin team america reference]
    “Rone..ree. Im so roneree…”
    [end team america reference]

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