WA AWB is likely DOA

People are still saying the proposed AWB will be stillborn at best:

After 2009 ended in a hail of high-profile gun violence, Washington state’s gun-control advocates are frustrated by an apparent lack of political support for an assault weapons ban, warning that the state will likely face more deadly shootings without it.

The bill comes just weeks after a spate of deadly police shootings, and proponents of the ban say those killings should force politicians to confront gun violence.

“There’s more guns, a repressed economy and a lot of angry people,” said Ralph Fascitelli, board chairman for state gun control group Washington Ceasefire. “You can’t sweep this problem under a rug. Apparently the shooting of eight police isn’t enough to confront gun violence in the state.”

The bill was named in honor of 18-year-old Aaron Sullivan, who was shot and killed by a SKS 7.62-caliber rifle in Seattle in July. The legislation focuses on “military-style” assault weapons, which can fire rapidly and carry large magazines of ammunition.

Similar bans have not fared well in the state Legislature in the past, and in an election year, supporters face a battle to even get the bill out of committee.

They did manage to avoid Fascitelli embarrassing himself with more talk of “animal assassins”.

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One thought on “WA AWB is likely DOA

  1. “You can’t sweep this problem under a rug.”

    That much is true. You can’t ignore the fact that some legislators have been trying for years to figure out how to violate our rights, associate law abiding citizens’ rights with the criminal actions of a few, and get away with it. We can no longer afford to sweep this problem (of rouge legislators) under the rug.

    As for the “military style” argument; what do we have now, the style police? Reading U.S. v. Miller, we find that in fact, “military style” arms were to be considered most protected by the 2A.

    I wonder how long it would take for them to come after my 1858 Remington New Model Army .44 cal revolver. It is a military design, and it is capable of rapid fire (as fast as you can fan the hammer) plus it can be reloaded very quickly by changing cylinders. The thing can produce a veritable hail-storm of lead. (Pssst; Don’t tell anyone, but I ordered it on the internet and had it shipped to me without any paperwork. It’s not even registered.)

    We saw Kevin Costner fan nine rounds from his 1873 Colt Peacemaker in the span of about 2 seconds in the movie Open Range. Since we’re basing political decisions more on movie scenarios these days than on the constitution, what about that? Hmmm? Them Single Action Army revolvers are freakin’ scary deadly in the movies. More deadly than an SKS carbine.

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