Almost true

There are rumors going around about the stuff I am working. Some of them are almost true:

“Orion” is a cloud-based assisted GPS system that is supposed to dramatically increase initial location-lock performance. This will guarantee rapid GPS performance across all future Seven devices, regardless of carrier support (currently, aGPS is dependent on individual carrier implementation).

The radio-interface layer (RIL) is being updated to support multiple-tower signal detection and trilateration (think Google’s My Location service in Google Maps) and IP resolving. In addition, information garnered from WiFi connections will also be used for faster location detection (also similar to Google Maps).  All of this information is then passed on up via API to third-party software for ease of access and limited instruction sets.

Planned performance for an initial lock (cold start) is targeted at less than 1 second and would find you within 300 meters. A hot or warm start is targeted at less than 0.25 seconds and would track you at less than 10 meters.

What actually happens with this location-information in terms of end-user services is currently not known — that is we do not know how the OS will utilize it for the the end-user experience. See the video from Channel 9 for some hints.

The people on our team laughed and rolled our eyes at parts of this.

The truth will be released soon.