Quote of the day–Ian

I’ve been America three weeks and I’ve shot four different guns. This is so cool!

January 21, 2010
[Ian is from Toronto and is an intern at Microsoft. He said the above after going to the range, touching, and shooting a gun for the first time. Freedom is very cool.

Pictures to follow.–Joe]


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day–Ian

  1. NO ONE, should have any concern about what is locked in the trunk of one’s car.

    HTH do they know that it is there?

    They only “know” by an assumed right of search.

    I can see where they might make a rule that “verboten” material must remain locked in the trunk and that the trunk not be opened “on campus.”

  2. If I were to give one of the many new shooters a ride directly from work (several of them do not have cars of their own) and start pulling guns and ammo from the trunk when we got to the range it would be pretty obvious I was in violation of their rules. It only adds about three minutes to the walk to the car so I park across the street when I want to go shooting after work.

    I agree it’s none of their business but my realistic options are to find another place to work or follow their rules, no matter how nonsensical or offensive they are.

    I’ll be taking nearly our entire team to a special Boomershoot Private Party this spring and hence, step, by step, desensitize people to guns and explosives.

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