New Jersey gun advertisements are regulated

If you don’t use the proper words in an advertisment for a gun New Jersey you are a “disorderly person”.

If I were somehow persuaded to sell guns to the victims of New Jersey it would be on such a scale and for such purposes that it would go much beyond being a “disorderly person”. They would think of me as they did those that sold guns to the Indians 150 years ago.


4 thoughts on “New Jersey gun advertisements are regulated

  1. disorderly should be the least of their worries. If they get what they deserve, “suspended person” strikes me as appropriate for the politicians and LEO’s who write, support and enforce such garbage. Suspended from lamp posts.

  2. Who advertizes in papers these days? Esp in NJ, that’s just asking for issues. Most of the gun forums I’ve seen have WTB/WTS boards.

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