Blog changes

If you read my blog directly you probably noticed a few cosmetic changes today. Mostly it was a side effect of me fixing the comment text entry box which was all messed up. I had to learn a bunch about Cascading Style Sheets to fix the problem and tweaked a few things along the way.

I moved the “Bloggers I Have Met” list to a different page because it took up so much real estate on the sidebar. I also updated the list. If I have overlooked someone please let me know. It wasn’t intentional to ignore anyone–except for wife Barbara.

Yes, she has a blog–with three posts since it was created on September 13, 2009. I refuse to link to it until she posts a little more frequently. Currently she has had a total of 13 visits. I think all of those visits were by me.


9 thoughts on “Blog changes

  1. I’m finding the centered text ( maybe it’s just my browser ? ) to be disconcerting to read. The content, as always, is worth it.

  2. Seems as though you were able to fix the commenting box problem, and everything else seems to be working in IE8. Looks good.

  3. Well, for whatever reason, it looks good now. What changed on my end? 6 days went by, that’s all. Hey, I’ve got 32 years in software, and I’m thoroughly convinced that software has a half-life. Something, somewhere on my box is slowly decaying. That or my CPU is having TIAs. 😉

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