Blog maintenance

I’m upgrading this blog to a newer version. There will be some disruption. In general there should not be any loss of content but if you are in the middle of leaving a comment that could be lost.

I expect the upgrade to start at about 16:30 PST (about 15 minutes from now).

Update: All done.


8 thoughts on “Blog maintenance

  1. Bug report: Using Internet Explorer 8.0.6001.something, the comment fields all show up at the bottom of the page, after your right vertical bar ends. The forms appear to dynamically resize when I resize the window, but they remain at the end of the page.

  2. Using Firefox 3.5.7 the comment box runs into and then behind the right sidebar. All the published comments wrap correctly, however.

  3. Yeah. I see the comment box where it doesn’t belong.

    I’m working on it when I have time–which is rare.

    The live preview is clipped off at the bottom too.

    Thanks for pointing it out to me.

  4. It should be better now.

    I worked on it until 3:00 AM yesterday. I learned Cascading Style Sheets. I sort of had a few hints before. Now I understand much, much better.

    I thought I had it perfect. Every line, of every box, started, stopped, and met just perfectly and resized exactly as it was supposed to.

    Then when I tried it on the real server rather than my home server it looked like something Picasso would have done while on acid. It was really messed up.

    I don’t know what was wrong, perhaps the service had to be restarted so it would reread everything because I didn’t change anything and it worked fine.

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