Busy day

Even though I haven’t gotten out of bed yet (aren’t laptops great!) and have already made a couple of blog posts I have a very busy day ahead of me. In addition to the usual things like attending to hygiene, food, and clothing I need to make up a couple hundred rounds of .40 S&W and head out to the range for a USPSA action pistol match. After that I have to return to Redmond to help The Borg conquer the galaxy.

I turned off Captcha on the comments to help some people that were having problems with it. If you see a bunch of spam comments start showing up don’t worry about it. I’ll take care of them by tomorrow morning.

Update: The pistol match went fairly well. I messed up a reload on one stage or else I might have actually won. I came in second instead:

Place Name USPSA Class Division PF Age Points Stg %
1 H., KW L2847 B Limited 10 Major Senior 313.6755 100.00%
2 H., JOE TY29386 B Limited Major 288.3225 91.92%
3 P., TY A56401 B Limited Major 278.8331 88.89%
4 M., ADAM A42720 M Limited Major 275.2926 87.76%
5 B., MIKE A39993 A Limited 10 Major 262.8004 83.78%
6 I., KEVIN L2544 B Limited Major 235.1292 74.96%
7 W., DON TY25213 A Limited Major Senior 211.9319 67.56%
8 W., ROGER U Limited 10 Major Senior 196.7338 62.72%
9 Revo, Roger U Revolver Major Senior 187.4962 59.77%
10 R., NICHOLAS A57321 D Production Minor Junior 169.0668 53.90%
11 Gr., John A65903 U Limited Major 147.6443 47.07%
12 D., Jerry U Limited 10 Major Senior 99.7761 31.81%
13 M., Bill U Limited Major 87.8599 28.01%

One of the most interesting stages was called “If it had been 1911”. This was to simulate 9/11. Here is a picture:

We started sitting in the chair and had to stay within the box. There is a Pepper Popper on the left in the shadow of a no shoot which activates a swinging target coming out from behind the stack of barrels on the right (simulates a hijacker come out of the bathroom).

I got 50 points (out of 55 possible–an 11 round stage) in 8.31 seconds for a hit factor of 6.0168. Pretty good, I figure, for almost all head shots except for the mover. Especially with all the hostages to avoid.

That white stuff on the ground? That is snow. SOME wimps stop shooting outdoors in the winter–but not at our range in North Central Idaho.


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