That was the intent

The guns news out of California has been pretty dismal recently. The latest is:

The Department of Justice’s Bureau of Firearms is charged with approving weapons for sale in California each year. From 2002 to 2006, the bureau approved 72 new semi-automatic pistols on average each year.

In 2007, a law took full effect mandating that new center-fire semi-automatic pistols include both a mechanism that prevents firing when the magazine is removed, as well as an indicator showing when a live round is in the gun chamber. Rim-fire semi-automatics must have the magazine disconnect device.

In three years, the Bureau of Firearms has approved only nine new semi-automatic weapons, including only one in 2008.

Starting tomorrow it will go to zero per year:

Beginning Jan. 1, the law requires that new semi-automatic handguns in California include an innovative firing pin that stamps microscopic characters onto cartridge cases.

And zero manufactures have accepted that invitation to be boycotted. I think driving the number to zero was the real intent of the law.

Winter can be a depressing time for some people but spring is coming and things will look much better later in the year.

I expect that by the end of the year the law will be essentially neutered because Californians will be able to buy guns in any state they choose. And following that I expect a lawsuit enforcing the Heller decision against the state to wipe the “approved list” from the law books.


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  1. California 10 years from now. Where only the criminals are armed. Or the Armed (present legal gun owners) will become criminals due to their states future legislation.

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