They keep trying

The Brady Campaign currently has 71 sponsors in the U.S. House for a bill to further restrict your right to keep and bear arms and have defacto gun registration.

They say we should have nothing to fear. But in addition to increasing the price of the gun due to the increased paperwork it create a paper trail on gun purchases. This is not acceptable in the exercise of any inalienable right. What would the outcry be if you were required to get a background check before writing a letter to the editor or have a paper trail exist for the purchase of religous books?


6 thoughts on “They keep trying

  1. Always with the comparisons. We’re not talking about letter writing or anything else. We’re talking about guns, the availability of which plays a significant part in gun violence. That would be murders, suicides, woundings, accidental shootings and all the lesser types of violence done to people with guns.

    You cannot keep denying that since the guns in criminal hands start out legally owned, the legal gun owners share in the responsibility for this. Just like you cannot keep denying that some (maybe about 10%) of the legal gun owners are misusing the guns they own legally.

  2. There have been solutions proposed in the past, all of which your kind has rejected.

    All you want to do is punish the peaceable majority for the abuses of the minority – but that was already made obvious…

    Check Sebastian’s website for a possible solution to the “gun show loophole.”

    Check Richmond VA’s Project Exile.

    You say you want gun registration, look what happens in Massachusetts when a cop’s son decides to be a jerk to a common citizen – the citizens’ guns get taken away from him and the citizen himself is rung up on terroristic charges. Absurd.

    I was recently being investigated under false charges (because the recordings prove so) that I “lashed out” at my boss at my University – the “psych report” if you could call it that came back “negative” for all intents and purposes – they already knew I had a firearm at this point – it would have been much worse if they confiscated it because they knew what exactly it was.

  3. And for the most part, you and your kind have been talking out of both sides of your mouth for as long as I can remember.

    If gun crime is unacceptably high to you, why exactly are you telling everyone else that it is rare to be a victim of crime?

  4. We’re not talking about letter writing or anything else.

    Yes, yes we are, MikeB302000, not that we would expect you to understand the comparisons evident in the situation. We are talking about a naturally-granted, Constitutionally-protected right. We are talking about a right that you and other idiotic hoplophobes like you have absolutely no respect or regard for. And we are pointing out how inconsistent your position is, and how dangerous your position would be if it were inconsistent.

    A right is a right is a right. Perhaps, now that you are so stridently (and ineffectively) objecting to the accurate and valid comparisons used to describe your positions, you would be willing to answer my little question: how is discriminating against one right any different from discriminating against another?

    …guns, the availability of which plays a significant part in gun violence.

    Tautologize much, MikeB302000? What about all violence? How does banning/restricting/limiting access to firearms impacted violent crimes in general, and not just the narrow field of “gun violence”? The answers are out there, not that you have understood them in the past.

    You cannot keep denying that since the guns in criminal hands start out legally owned, the legal gun owners share in the responsibility for this.

    Yes, yes we can, MikeB302000. I am not responsible for the actions of another adult human being. I am not accountable for the actions of another adult human being. If a criminal (like you) were to relieve me of my firearms (as theft/robbery is where a large number of criminally-owned firearms originate), I would be the victim, and not someone to point fingers at. Then again, anti-rights advocates like you have a long and storied history aiding and abetting criminals, so it should come as no surprise to anyone that you are trying to excuse their actions and lay the blame for those actions at the feet of individuals who have not only never broken a law, but who also might be victims themselves. We are, each and every one of us, responsible for our own actions, and barring the existence of a guardianship, military ranking structure, or other exception, no adult human is responsible for any other adult human’s actions.

    As Joe says, bigotry is an ugly thing, and MikeB302000 manages to prove that almost every single time he posts about firearms…

  5. All firearms are incapable of doing anything by themselves. No matter how he obtained it, it is the operator that is to blame for any actions commited with the tool, not the tool itself.

    The recently released crime figures for 2009 remove any doubt about the relationship between firearm availability and crime rates. Violent crime down 10%, with NICS checks up year over year compared to 2008 by double digit percentages.

    One other thing. That picture that is up on the Brady site, of the “Egyption Made AK-47 Assault Rifle” isn’t an assault rifle, it just looks like one. But then, expecting technical accuracy out of that group of hoplophobes is a lost cause.

  6. Wait for it Joe, it’s coming, despite mikeb’s protestations.

    I have to ask this, I mikeb a chimpanzee? I can see that it might be possible for an inordinately bright chimpanzee to type full sentences and so on, but not be able to engage in logical thought processes, so I thought I would ask in case he is one of those secret government experiments. I just can’t understand that any human couldn’t get at least one thing right, if only by accident. Mikeb has not had that happen, so I asked.

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