Was it an accident?

As reported by Say Uncle, Dave Hardy, and Sebastian President Obama actually signed a bill into law Wednesday that would require passengers who carry firearms aboard AMTRAK be locked in boxes for their journey.

They claim “no one quite knows the origin of the mistake”.

I have absolutely no data to support my suspicion but I would like someone to explore the hypothesis that it was not a mistake. It seems to me that would be a very clever way to defeat legislation you didn’t like. Swap a word or ten in a 1000 page bill and who is going to notice until you drive your truck through the loophole you created or your political enemy gets dragged off to the gulag?


2 thoughts on “Was it an accident?

  1. This could be fixed in months if someone actually wanted to do it:

    1. Pass a bill that says Amtrak may no longer receive federal tax dollars, tax cuts, or the benefits of services performed by government subcontractors

    2. Wait for the company to die like it should have forty years ago.

    Case #94,353,497 adding to the overwhelming proof that government is incapable of understanding how a free market works, and will therefore corrupt any business it touches. Government has nothing better to do since it is in no danger of losing tax revenue.

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