Christmas pictures

I’m not a big fan of holidays and Christmas is particularly annoying. Barb and the girls on the other hand put quite bit of effort into Christmas and enjoy it a great deal. I contain myself and help out as best I can and not spoil it for others. But sometimes people pick up on my attitude anyway (it couldn’t be the “Bah Humbug!” sweatshirt I wear every Christmas).

Daughter Xenia has been posting one Christmas picture per day this month starting here. All of them are good. Some of them are great.

My favorite so far is this one:

I suspect that picture was just for me.


5 thoughts on “Christmas pictures

  1. Despondent, Tabetha donned her traditional hunting season suicide hat and entered the forest…

  2. She did a great job of emulating the dog from The Grinch Who Stole Christmas tv special. I wonder if the follow-up will be a photoshop of you as the Grinch then.

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