One has to wonder

When I read something like this:

Many experts and laymen consider gun control, which Democrats generally support and Republicans generally oppose, to be an essential component of anti-crime policy.

I just have to wonder what type of “expert” considers gun control to be an essential component of anti-crime policy.

The data doesn’t support that claim and the number of criminalogists who advocate gun control is very small.

I keep thinking of this expert (full sized version here and here):

After all, nearly all advocates of gun control are socialists.


2 thoughts on “One has to wonder

  1. “Many experts and laymen consider…” I guess my reaction is, “So what?” Many laymen believe in the Easter Bunny, that informercial gadgets will burn fat away in 15 minutes, and that gov. has our best interests at heart. Why should I care what they believe?

  2. Back in the ’90s we’d get an issue of “Weekly World News” once in a while, for laughs. They’d often reference “Bolivian scientists” to back their stories. Now when I see, “Many experts…” I think of those “Bolivian scientists”.

    You know what they say about experts; [Eks-Spert] “An ‘ex’ is a has-been and a ‘spurt’ is a drip under pressure.”

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