Obama’s real plan

You knew he wasn’t going to let us gun owners get off easy, right? Things have been going more than a little too smoothly.

Here’s the scoop on the real plan:

Gun rights supporters have been shocked by the release of an internal campaign memo showing Obama planned to restrict gun access through fear and free market principles. The memo, drawn up in early 2008 with the help of Nobel Laureate Paul Krugman, speculated that Obama’s election would lead to a hording of guns and ammunition that would raise prices.

“The people going out and spending thousands of dollars on guns right now aren’t the smartest and will spend beyond their means. We’ll see them have to hock their guns and ammo for food and soon we’ll be flooded with guns. This short term stimulus will come at a cost our children and grandchildren will have to bear,” claims the Brady Campaign, an anti-gun organization.

Sources inside the Obama administration say that a “Cash for Carbines” program was in the works. Unlike the previous “Cash for Clunkers”, it would simply use the gun buyback model to pay $40-$100 for guns that cost several times more, without encouraging buying more guns.

“We expect a “gun bubble” where prices crash after the market is saturated and gun owners put themselves deeply in debt. We’ll swoop in and offer to buy back the guns. With current credit card interest rates and payment schedules we expect more guns turned in than were bought, making for a net drop in total guns,” the source said.

The program would also include a “Cash for Cartridges” option where ammo could be bought cheap and distributed to police to ease the high cost of ammunition.

I have my doubts that Obama knows what the free market is, let alone is capable of using it to his advantage.

There is a conspiracy theorist for every data point–and almost as many satirists.


6 thoughts on “Obama’s real plan

  1. Oh, if only this were true. Think of the deals I could pick up. This year saw the addition of 10+ fine pieces to the armory. If something like this happened, I could easily add 20+ in a few short months!

  2. Heh +1 Reputo. I’m not super crazy about AKs or AR-15s (tho I’d LOVE an AR-10) but if I saw one being sold for firesale prices I’d really have little choice but to buy them up.

    Yeah Obama can’t even push for a Helthcare initiative without looking like a clueless child, I doubt he could conjure up something THIS bold.

    Hell we’re talking about a guy who nominated a KNOWN TAX CHEAT to head the IRS.

  3. And a known pervert to be Safe Schools Czar.

    The best I’m hoping for is a decent deal on a private sale shotgun after the duck season closes and the Christmas Bill season begins 😉

  4. You are aware that the article you linked to is on “The Spoof.com”, right? And that displayed beneath the article is: The story above is a satire or parody. It is entirely fictitious.

  5. I know you had it figured out, Joe. Just wanted to emphasize the point, before too much tinfoil got turned into hats! 🙂

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