Do they believe this crap?

Sometimes the anti-gun people are just so “out there” I’m not even sure they can believe the stuff they say. Case in point:

After the attacks of September 11, 2001 and subsequent terrorist attacks on trains, Amtrak took steps to make their trains safer. But the gun lobby still continues to push guns into every corner of our society, even at the expense of public safety.

Nearly everything is wrong about this:

  • Guns were not involved, except they were forbidden to the victims, in the September 11 attacks and the following terrorist attacks on trains.
  • They may have “took steps to make their trains safer” that doesn’t mean they actually did make them safer. TSA makes planes less safe and almost for certain what Amtrak did does too. It’s all about Security Theater, not actual security.
  • The gun lobby isn’t “pushing guns into every corner of our society” any more than the ACLU is pushing free speech, the NAACP is pushing blacks, or the ADL is pushing Jews into every corner of our society. The right to keep and bear arms is a specific enumerated right guaranteed by the U.S. and most state constitutions. It is an inalienable right recognized by the people that wrote the constitutions and has been a part of our society since long before they wrote those documents.

I find it hard to imagine that even the anti-gun bigots believe the crap they say and write.

Sebastian rolls his eyes, so to speak, over the reaction from the anti-gun people too.


3 thoughts on “Do they believe this crap?

  1. It amazes me how much the anti-rights advocates are protesting against us being able to do on trains what we have been able to do on planes for years now. Unloaded, hard-cased, locked, and in the storage hold is not exactly a “recipie for disaster”, by anyone’s stretch of imagination, and if it is, why are they not actively pursuing banning that method of transporting firearms on aircraft?

    Cognitive dissonance of this degree is both impressive, and quite disturbing.

  2. Hell from what I hear most Amtrack stations are like the one I’m in most days. 100% unsecured. I take an MBTA Train to and from work, which pulls up in the same station as the Amtrack that goes North to Portland.

    I walk right along that train and past their open doors all the time with my loaded and holstered gun. Problem? Haven’t seen any.

  3. Well yeah! Don’t you know that adherents to the religion of peace only bomb trains with guns on them in order to ensure no violence takes place?

    Seems perfectly reasonable to me.

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