Quote of the day–Steve S.

The world is what it is. A planet full of mostly kind and compassionate peoples but unfortunately there are also a minority of sociopathic murderers who walk among us, acting like rabid dogs. They go by different names be it Jihadist, terrorist or just plain psychotic killer … and they’re one of the reasons we carry handguns.

Steve S.
November 30, 2009
wa-ccw · Washington State Concealed Weapons Discussion
In a discussion about the shooting of four police officers in Pierce County Washington yesterday.


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day–Steve S.

  1. Yep, why I carry, and fully support liberalizing conceal carry as well as most other gun control laws.

    Massachusetts has some of the nastiest gun laws in the nation, yet people get shot, and killed by other methods on a fairly regular basis here.

    Seems we’re the ones having trouble arming up. Let’s fix that, and give the goblins something to think about when they ply their trade.

  2. All I could think about after reading the story of those four policemen was Col. Cooper’s writing about “Condition White”.

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