What do you call a bunch of people, hated by our enemies, stuck in close quarters with no means of self defense?

Answer; “Fish in a barrel”.

“Target Rich Environment” comes to mind also.  This in response to that perpetual blithering idiot, Paul Helmke.  I don’t really even like talking about him, because in reality it’s probably a complete waste of time.  That and he’s getting, right here, far more attention than he deserves.  We should spend more time talking about good or interesting things, or ideas that can solve problems and he’s none of the above.  Flies, ants, hornets, and mosquitoes, do tend to get one’s attention though, even at the best of picnics.  If he can take credit for something, I suppose that’s it– being the annoying parasite at the gathering of minds.  Where’s my fly swatter?


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  1. “What do you call a bunch of people, hated by our enemies, stuck in close quarters with no means of self defense?”


    I saw this on Oleg Volk’s page and did a spit take – “Update: A friend who is in the military said that carry by troops was not practical for various reasons (immaturity, likelihood of friendly fire) and un-necessary in controlled environments. I disagree but will put that up as he’s got much more experience in the matter than I do”

  2. I personally think they need to be thinking of lawsuits to punish negligent bureaucracy. If these men and women are REQUIRED to keep their battle-rattle close-at-hand while on base in less friendly soil (and they do so without incident) they should be trusted to at least keep some means of personal protection close at hand for when the Enemy decided to strike us at home, as Major Tango did at Ft. Hood, and many others have attempted, and are likely planning as I type.

    Also the Bigots who would like to impose some sort of illogical dichotomy to trained and mature troops at home vs. overseas should be exposed for exactly what they are, and what they hope above hope in their black evil hearts!

  3. The argument, so far as I understand it, is that there are a lot of people on base that aren’t considered combat troops, and even then there are people of all levels of training– to near nil to well-trained. Cooks, maintenance workers, drivers, (ehem) medical personnel, et al. That plus we’re being told that these teenagers are getting drunk and fighting, and that the presence of firearms in barracks would lead to carnage.


    If lack of training is a problem, train better. If there are irresponsible kids in the military, Screen ‘em train ’em or get ’em out.

    There’s something that needs to be driven home in a big way also; In my youth, we had guns around all the time. Unlocked, ammo available. All the time. We fought, but we sure as hell never even considered taking out a gun and threatening someone with it. At school there were kids who regularly took guns in their vehicles to school, for after school hunting or shooting. There were fights there too, even some very bitter ones. There too, no one ever considered shooting anyone, or if they did they kept it to themselves.

    I’m not buying those arguments for a millisecond, and in any case you can’t have a military unless you have weapons, and some of those weapons are vastly more powerful than a little hand-carried firearm.

    As for “kids being armed, my son participates in several school shootings every year, and they’re always pleasant experiences even though these kids are in competition with one another.

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