Quote of the day–Paul Helmke

This latest tragedy, at a heavily fortified Army base, ought to convince more Americans to reject the argument that the solution to gun violence is to arm more people with more guns in more places.

Paul Helmke
President of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence
November 7, 2009
Rampage forces review of security policies on Army bases worldwide
[Only if you ignore the facts Paul. Only if you ignore the facts.

The fact is the victims were disarmed–just as they have been in nearly every other mass shooting.

But of course Helmke’s organization success is dependent on the ignorance of people. That ignorance is rapidly becoming a thing of the past and is probably the primary reason he and his organization of bigots are becoming as irrelevant as the KKK.–Joe]


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  1. The first thing I said when I saw this horrible tragedy was “but they are allowed to carry in Texas I thought”. Well not on the military bases, apparently not.

    I feel bad for the folks of the Muslim faith who are now taking crap for this. Anyone out there who is a Muslim you have no need to apologize for anything. What he did says nothing about Islam. Those Muslims who might think so are just not thinking straight. What he did is unfortunately the MOST AMERICAN TRAGEDY AND RITUAL we perform all of the time.A American gets pissed of for too long and just goes POSTAL. Is their a word in the KORAN for “GOING POSTAL” I don’t think so. Until there is, I think we should just accept this act for what it is a horrible murderous tragedy.

    If we looked at all the past perpetrators of these kinds of mass killings we would discover that most were Christians would this mean their religion made them do it? No they were the same kind of crazy as Hasan.

    I don’t believe in any organized religion and I am a strong believer in the second amendment. I just wish that the soldiers were allowed to carry guns on base, so someone earlier could have taken this murderous madman down earlier. So I say to any Muslim out there I am sorry if you have been at all harassed, those Muslims in the army, I thank you for so much for your much needed service to this country.

    Those who have just recently come to our country welcome, America’s a very free country, but I am sorry I don’t know why but acts of violence like Hasan’s are part of the deal here in the U.S.A. this was not the first one and it will not be the last. I wish to god that was not true.

    My deepest condolences to all those who lost a loved one or is going through the trauma of taking care of their wounded family or friends.

    I lost a family member on flight 11 on 9/11 M. Atta murdered my best friend/family member. You will probably never get over it, but it will get better with time.

    Miles Digby

  2. Irrelevant, uninformed statements are a prerequisite for appearing on Blood Dancing With the Stars.

  3. I don’t think the Brady Campaign is quite as “irrelevant as the KKK,” at least not yet.

    I understand Paul’s statement to mean that if guns were allowed on military bases, we’d have many more of these tragedies, sort-of the way we do in America at large.

    I say the failure was on the part of the military police and military guards whose job is to maintain security. Plus, another failure is on the part of you legitimate gun owners who fail to police your own. How often do you overlook unstable behaviour in fellow gun owners because of the importance you place on “individual rights?”

  4. It’s like Bigots like Paul Helmke and MikeB are working their asses off to make our arguments for us with their easily destroyed paper-thin arguments.

    “I understand Paul’s statement to mean that if guns were allowed on military bases, we’d have many more of these tragedies, sort-of the way we do in America at large.”

    You mean the “America at Large” with high amounts of gun control? The “Blood in the Streets” and “Wild West Shootout” predictions never came true (Hell they didn’t even have all that many shootouts in the old West! More people are shot in Chicago every year than in the whole of the Western Territories back then…plus places like Dodge city were “Gun-Free Zones”) and MikeB somehow predicts that our soldiers are an unstable rabble and if they were allowed to be armed on base we’d see lots more bloodshed. Well not only is that deeply insulting and bigoted but easily disprovable! Just look at our wartime bases. How much bloodshed or “Fragging” do we see?

    Better yet, look at our gun clubs. The other day there were about 30 of us on the firing lines of my club. We were all taking turns, sharing guns and ammo, offering each other pointers for better marksmanship and techniques. There were vastly more guns than people on the range, and plenty of ammo.

    There has never been an act of violence that I know of at my club. Why not?

    How about the other clubs around the nation? Are there frequent shootouts and blushed? Besides the occasional suicide by rental gun, which is sad, and a total dick thing to do to the business.


    But we do have the irrelevant zealots of the religion of gun control preaching from their books of ignorance avoiding the facts like the black plague!

    Keep going MikeB we want you to keep doing what you’re doing, it helps us win faster!

  5. Mikeb,

    Your reading comprehension problem is in full force today.

    I said “becoming as irrelevant…”.

    If you read his statement as you say you did then you are selectively ignoring his words. You have to disregard the words “heavily fortified” for your interpretation to even begin to resolve into what you think he said.

  6. I will be perfectly honest, MikeB302000 – your incessant bigotry and ignorance are positively mind-boggling, in every single comment of yours I have the misfortune of seeing.

    1. The fault of this incident lies squarely and solely on the shoulers of the Major who was pulling the trigger. He and he alone made the conscious, personal, individual decision to attempt to murder as many of his coworkers and fellow military members as he possibly could. He made this decision of his own free will, and executed it the same. No one bears any responsibility for this incident apart from him.

    1.5. Why do you have such a hard time blaming criminals for their actions and holding them responsible for the same? Could it be due to your own criminal history, MikeB302000? Are you really an objective observer or commenter on criminals and their activities, or are you simply to soaked in the criminal mentality of blaming everyone else for your (and their) actions?

    2. How, exactly did the military police and guards and civilian security fail in these circumstances? Have you ever served in the military? Have you even ever gone to a military base? Do you have any comprehension of how many vehicles and people enter and exit military bases on a daily basis? Do you have any idea how much time and effort it would take to thoroughly and effectively search each and every one of those vehicles? Do you have any clue how easy it would be to smuggle in firearms and ammunition in such ways that it would be impossible to find in a vehicle short of dismantling it and x-raying it? So, please, tell me how, precisely the gate-guards failed.

    3. It is against federal law to murder someone. It is against the UCMJ to murder someone. It is against federal law to assault someone. It is against the UCMJ to assault someone. It is against the UCMJ to disobey a lawful order (in this case, carrying the firearms on-base). It is against federal law to take personally-owned firearms into certain federally-owned buildings. This murderous Major broke innumerable laws and direct orders while perpetrating his unconscionable crime – please, explain to us exactly how this could have been prevented? Yes, he actually did display indications of being a little tweaked in the head – he was not officially judged incompetent/insane. Without that official proclamation, you cannot unilaterally abridge someone’s rights. As a criminal, you of all people, MikeB302000, should be intimately familiar with the concept of “due process”.

    4. This even took place at a location best described as a hoplophobe’s wet dream – privately-owned firearms have to be locked up in the base armory (with permission of the individual’s CO), carrying of firearms out of official duties is strictly forbidden, and all of this is upheld by direct orders, the UCMJ, federal law, and armed guards at egress and entry points. And yet it still happened. If you ever wanted a prime example of how ineffective “gun-free zones” are, this would pretty much be it.

    But, then again, I am trying to explain all of this, and ask all of these questions, of someone who is simply physically incapable of differentiating fact from fiction, someone who cannot do basic math, someone who cannot answer a simple question concerning his beliefs, and someone who is an inveterate bigot.

    Suffice to say, I am not exactly looking for a coherent, rational, logical response.

  7. Unless you want to try and weather the racial shitstorm you could cause by calling out a Muslim guy for being a little whacko, especially with the whole suicide bombing thing he was going on about…then yeah, maybe we should look after each other a little more.

    Either that MikeB, or you’ll weather the onslaught from CAIR, ACORN, NAACP, or perhaps even Obama. And beer won’t solve the problem either as Muslims don’t drink.

  8. not even amenable to hearing about how unfortunate this is for the muslim population. Read the Godamned Koran. You will soon find that he was loyal to it. Where are the muslims decrying his actions, where are the muslims swearing and meaning allegiance to this nation? Give me a fucking break. Religion of peace, my ass!

    Muslims do drink, by the way, they just lie about it, as they do most else.

    It has now been proven beyond a doubt that even trained military personnel are only helpless victims when unarmed and assaulted by an armed assailant. I sincerely hope this sonofabitch doesn’t die. Not until we get the chance to prove his true allegiance and then kill him ourselves.

  9. straightarrow, spare us the bogus political thought. Plenty of Muslims have decried this guys actions — can you not read? Check Google News and you’ll find plenty of stories about Muslims speaking out against this.

    Not only that, plenty of Muslims have gone to Iraq and Afghanistan and are already home from their missions there. I don’t think they need to pledge allegience or do anything else to please you. Their service shows that they support the USA.

  10. Their service shows that they support the USA.

    As do most Muslims in this country. Let’s not paint all Muslims with a broad brush because of the actions of one murderous nutjob. We don’t like it when the anti’s do it to us gun owners everytime there’s a shooting.

  11. First, the intent at the founding of this country, with regard to a military, is that each able-bodied man (we can now extend that to “able-bodied person”) would be able to respond to the militia command with personal weapons, and the second amendment was in part a result of that thinking. That today’s military packs people into gun free zones, like fish in a barrel, boggles the mind, as I said earlier.

    Second; as the saying goes, not all Muzlims are terrorists, but nearly all terrorist are Muzlims. There is deffinitely a branch of Islam that needs to go away, by any means necessary. Lets not kid ourselves. Well, you can stick your head in the sand, but it won’t stop the killing. This latest act, if any of the reports are true, was one of private jihad, done in the name of Allah.

    Paul Helmke; Really, dude, take a pill or something, and get your neurons firing. “Heavily fortified”? Yeah, fortified about like Virginia Tech, Collumbine, and all the rest.

    And this bizzare rhetorical device just keeps popping up; “…argument that the solution to gun violence is to arm more people with more guns in more places.”
    Really? You really think that we and the NRA, et al are eager to pass out guns at random, at our own expense or something. Yeah, we’re just going to march down the streets, with a huge truckload of guns, passing them out to everyone we see, like throwing candy at a parade. That’s really wierd. No, Little Grasshopper, the argument is that Americans have the right to arm themselves. Big difference. No, Paul, we’re not going to show up at your door, hand you a gun and say, “Here’s your gun, Mr. Paul Helmke, Sir. Now do us proud and go shoot some bad guys. Oooh Rah!” Dumbass.

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