Portland Metro firearms

It has been found via public records requests that Portland Metro says one thing publicly and has a different internal policy:

…[T]hese locations have signs posted saying that no firearms are allowed and there are no exceptions.

In September we made a public records request from Metro asking for all rules and restrictions dealing with firearms at facilities and locations they control. While we still have not received those we have received a copy of an executive order dealing with firearms and license holders that clearly contradicts their stated policies.

While we believe that Metro is reexamining all of its firearms restrictions, until they have corrected the many unlawful rules at locations they control, we want you to have a copy of their executive order which clearly states that license holders are NOT subject to their restrictions.

As is usual the bigots drag their feet as much as possible in their continued attempts to deprive people of specific enumerated rights even when it’s made extremely clear to them they are in violation of the law.

Via email from Ben K.


4 thoughts on “Portland Metro firearms

  1. In the Spirit Of Compromise, maybe we can strike a deal. How about they in their Grand Compassion allow us armed citizens to ride on their stupid public transit so long as we ride in the back of the bus.

    This compromise has the advantage of having been used before, thoughbeit with a different sub set of the population. Separate drinking fountains (you know– for safety) and separate restrooms (also for safety of course) could come next. We already have signs in front of certain restaurants around the country, so we’re well down that path already.

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