Insults and distortion

The numbers and the law don’t support their position so they result to insults, distortion, and copyright violation:

There is an America still stuck in the fifties, isolated from our cities and from each other by virtue and circumstance and the placement of highways and byways.

Where no gangs roam and real gun play is only on TV and children are not killed by stray bullets but by accident and by suicide in flaccid homes, all for the idle dreams of idle men made more flaccid by their flaccid imaginations.

They are white, nice and stuck, flaccid fools clinging to a romantic fantasy that disguises their impotent existence if not their impotence.

Armchair Constitutional scholars between clocking out and passing out.  This is flaccid tea party America.  Heels in the mud, Palin on the tube and loaded gun in good working condition, exceeded only by that of the remote.

For flaccid America, killing is an idea, a fantasy pastime, a friend of boredom, that seems to bear the right not to be.

Here is the original picture:


21 thoughts on “Insults and distortion

  1. If you want a safer America, and the ability to protect yourself, your loved ones, and the innocent people around you, there’s the second amendment.

    If you want to make dick jokes and consort with criminals, there’s the other side.

    I’ve made my choice!

  2. I kinda like the Photoshopped image, actually. Brings out the side we all know and love! 🙂

  3. I note that “flaccid America” occupies most of the landmass of this nation. The other parts, where people are killed by stray bullets, are the social engineer’s paradise.

    Yet another piece in support of my hypothesis that blaming firearms is the primary indicator and an unintended admission of failed social policies and the failures that support them.

    America’s failures: “We got every government restriction we ever wanted, and when it all came crumbling down, we became bitter misanthropes.”

  4. That’s pretty crappy, but it is not copyright violation, it’s fair use as it is used in parody.

  5. I’ve tried twice to comment this and both times gotten 503’s . -I’m- the hick shielded by distance from my own bad choices (ie choosing to own a firearm) out here in the boonies of… Pioneer Square Seattle. But the metro-hipsters running their chic sounding “one utah” on some kids borrowed pentium4, those guys are _cool_… not!

  6. OK, so there’s “flaccid America”, then there’s (essentially) the areas that operate under the rules of damn near the rest of the world. Instead of living up to the promises they all made about fleeing the country if Bush was reelected they would rather make damn sure that the one place where we mouth breathing types could live happily by our rules is eliminated.

    How’s that? The tolerant, open minded, non-judgmental types are hell bent on eliminating choice. I am SHOCKED!

    Their way or the cometary!

  7. Yup. It’s all about our penises and our poor sexual performance. That and the fact that we have no idea what them thar fancy city folk is uh thinkin’, you know, because we don’t often drive to the big city in our horse-drawn wagons. Yee haw! Let’s break out the moonshine, grab a cousin and have us a hootenanny before we go kill sumpthin’.

    But wait– how can we have sex with our sisters and cousins if we’re all flaccid all the time. Oh yeah– we go kill sumpthin’ and then it works ok for a while. I forgot.

  8. Unsurprisingly, here we are at 1900 EST, and the picture remains, despire Joe’s two requests to take it down, and despite Cliff’s lying claim that he did. It is sad when someone says something that is easily and simply disproved on the same page that he said it.

    I guess you should feel honored, Joe – people only resort to this degree of idiotic halfwittery when they have no rational, reasonable response to your arguments, and in doing so, they are pretty much conceding the argument. While far from a roaring success, I tend to take what I can get :).

  9. Well they’re forced to lie when they push their “Progressive” agenda (hell even the term “Progressive” itself is a lie) so its not much more effort for them to lie to people about more tangible things.

    Remember, to these people the Truth is the Enemy!

  10. I left this comment: “Insults and lies do not sway me, Sir.

    0703 hrs. 103009 – That slur of a photoshop image is still up.

    You are slandering a friend of mine and I do not appreciate it.”

    You can tell a lot about a person by observing their enemies. Have a fun cruise Joe.

  11. This clown seems to have decided to double down on his “late night photoshop with cocktails” plan. I wonder if he will still think it is funny when they make him sober up for court.

    I don’t know anything about copyright law, but I think Joe might know enough of the basics to make a lawsuit stick. I did find a useful FAC page on a .gov site.

    This could get quite costly for Cliff.

  12. شتر سوار بر گرد به خانه،کتاب تازه پیمان جهان بین ،بدون تردید یکی از بهترین آثار نویسندگان ایرانی در غربت است. من با کارهای قدیمی پیمان که در دهه چهل در مجله های فردوسی و خوشه زنده یاد احمد شاملومنتشر میشد آشنا هستم ولی کتاب شتر سوار برگرد به خانه را باید نه تنها بهترین کار او دانست ،بلکه احتمالا بهترین اثر از میا ن معدود قلم زنان ایرانی که حتی نیازی به تفسیر و ترجمه نیست و بزبان انگلیسی برشته تحریر در آمده است.نویسندگان ایرانی در غربت در سالهای بعد از این فتنه به اصطلاح اسلامی،در مورد جریان های سیاسی و تاریخی مطالب با ارزش و مستندو مهمی را منتشر کرده اند ولی در زمینه قصه و شعر تنها یکی یا دو اثر و نوشته و کتاب.در اینجا لازم است که از کتاب پر فروش ،خواندن کتاب لولیتا در تهران نوشته خانم آ ذر نفیسی نام ببریم که باعث افتخار همگی ماست.پیمان جهان بین از درد و دردهای زندگی در غربت میگوید و لی این قصه گوی شیرین زبان دیگران را قصه گوی کتاب خود میکند.قصه های شیرین و تلخ آ وارگان، کودکان آواره جنگهای ویتنام و کامبج،آواره های جنگهای داخلی یوگسلاوی ،آواره های افغانستان، روسیه،سومالی،عراق و البته ایرانی. آرش از زندان گوهر دشت در شبی که باید اعدام میشد فرار میکند و بهترین قصه گو. مرحبا پیمان.دکتر جلیل دانا

    This is message 127b2. Please leave it up until 22:00 GST. It will remove itself within 24 hours.

  13. fast richard,

    I like that name. Maybe I will call myself Fast Clifford. Sounds cool.

    I wonder why you would claim no knowledge of copyright law but then state an opinion backed with a bet.

    Could it be this level of sophisticated thinking that has got the gun owning pro hand gun restriction crowd so confused.

    Welcome back Mr. Huff, congrats on your anniversary.

    Whats with the arabic guy?

  14. Cliff,

    I placed no bet. I stated a speculation based on a .gov FAQ page.

    The name was given to me many years ago by friends. It stuck long enough that when the internet appeared, it seemed natural to use it online. Have you ever had the sort of friends who give each other nicknames?

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