Open carry being used as a political statement

From the WA-CCW email list:

Mayoral candidate Joe Mallahan will be walking North Beacon Hill Sunday. I plan on a walk, open carry at that same time in that area. Info follows:

On Sunday, October 25th, mayoral candidate Joe Mallahan will do a walking tour of N. Beacon Hill, beginning at 1:00 at the Lite Rail Station. Please note that the North Beacon Hill Council does not endorse candidates, however it is worthwhile for our community to express our dreams/hopes/concerns/issues, etc. to each candidate who contacts us. Mr. Mallahan will be at Kusina Filipina from 2:30-3:00 to hear from community members. Please join him there.

Anyone interested?????

Mike C—Seattle

I’m 300 miles away this weekend and I’m a little too cowardly to do that anyway. I’d be afraid of being forced into a “pavement tasting party”. But I think it would be rather cool to follow him around with pro-gun signs and shirts protesting his support of the illegal acts of the current mayor.


3 thoughts on “Open carry being used as a political statement

  1. Seattle has a significant open carry movement (as open carry goes) with very little negative interaction with Seattle PD.

  2. I think we can agree that the Left has been getting their way for decades. That is to say we’ve been moving in their direction as a society overall, for decades, with a brief and only partial pause during the Reagan administration. They have not been getting their way by playing nicey nice and trying to make sure they don’t offend their detractors, as has been the consistently failed tactic of the Republicans. Nor have they gotten their way by staying out of jail, or by avoiding breaking other people’s things once in a while. Make of it what you will, but one cannot argue with the facts.

    The Left’s record of failing to look at the disastrous results of their policies notwithstanding, they have had a pretty effective run at getting them implemented and institutionalized. The pro-liberty camp has exhibited something of an opposite behavior– they know what works in terms of policy, but cannot see the forest for the trees when it comes to fighting for policy, getting policy implemented and keeping it rooted in institution.

  3. What’s wrong with a pavement tasting party here and there for a good cause? Granted, I wouldn’t drive 300 miles for one either. I prefer to only participate in that type of party if it’s local.

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