Quote of the day–Xenia

Hmm…I haven’t done the reading for the past month…I have over 200 pages to read and the test is tomorrow. Whoops.

October 21, 2009
[Classic Xenia (our daughter). I also expect her to read the material, go to class dead tired, get an ‘A’, and have the professor use her answers as examples for others to aspire too.

Xenia’s scholastic career has been a combination of Barb’s excellent grades and an exaggeration of my tendency to procrastinate. It shouldn’t work but somehow she manages to pull it off.–Joe]


1 thought on “Quote of the day–Xenia

  1. Actually, I read fifteen pages then just decided to study my notes. I woke up at 5:15 this morning to study more and skim the four chapters from the OTHER book that I also didn’t read.

    This professor doesn’t give examples for answers (this professors does mostly “fill in the blank” questions), but the test wasn’t that hard. We’ll see how I did in a few weeks 😛

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