Quote of the day–Linoge

Remember – these are the people who would strip us of our rights. These are the people who would turn us into criminals (like them) for daring to exercise those rights. These are the people who aid and abet criminals on a daily basis. These are the people who have no respect or regard for the sanctity of human life or the self-defense measures necessary to preserve it. …People who cannot even tell fact from fiction.

Scary, nyet?

October 18, 2009
truth and falsity
[Good stuff, even if I do say so myself.–Joe]


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day–Linoge

  1. That character appeared recently on Brigid’s blog. She cut him off at the ankles fairly quick. He hasn’t visited my blog yet, but I’m more political that gunny.

    He does seem to be making the rounds.

  2. Well, 90% of the inspiration for that post came from your efforts, Joe, so I think it is fairly safe for you to say so ;).

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