Birthday loot

I recently had a birthday and although I haven’t collected all my loot yet (the family party will be this weekend) I do have some of it.

From son James I received this awesome card and coin:

Front. Click to see the inside.


From wife Barbara I received (in part) this card and a scrapbook:


Front. Click to see the inside.

Here are a couple pages from the scrapbook:

First page.

Next to the last page.

Daughters Kim and Xenia called me up on my birthday and sang Happy Birthday to me over the phone and asked what I wanted for my birthday dinner this weekend. They asked what James gave me then they complained that James needs to give me his presents after them from now on because they can’t match him. I’m not so sure on that. I think my kids could give me lumps of coal and I’d still be just as proud and pleased.

Update: Due to popular request via email: The coin (and others) can be purchased here. The scrapbook and wife are not for sale.


11 thoughts on “Birthday loot

  1. I know people shrink with age… but you are now shorter than your wife?

    Love the scrapbook and the coin!

  2. ubu52,

    Actually I grew a little taller since getting married. In the last picture I was sitting on the seat portion of a picnic bench and Barb was sitting on the table of it. I do shrink, nearly an inch, from when I get up in the morning to later in the day.

    I’m a little surprised you would like the John Galt coin. I thought you were of a more liberal persuasion.

    Thanks Chris.

  3. Joe,

    I’m more liberal than most here but I buy gold and silver!

    I also should have mentioned that your wife looks incredibly young since I know, based on that wedding date in ’76, you guys are around my age. She looks great! I am not going to ask why because I’m sure you would give me some sort of gunnie response, but she really looks very good for being over 39. 😉 (Well, you both look good but she got to keep more of the hair! 😉 )

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