Cute but there are trade offs

Via Say Uncle we have some cute signs.

These remind me of the “I don’t dial 911, I dial .357” and “Beware of dog. He eats everything I shoot” type signs. They bring a smile to my face but I would never put one up outside my home.

If someone in my family did use a firearm in self defense I fear the sign would be used in either criminal charges or a civil lawsuit to indicate we were looking for an opportunity to shoot someone and perhaps were just a little “too enthusiastic” about defending ourselves.

It also is an indicator there are guns inside the house which are “available for the taking” when no one is home.


9 thoughts on “Cute but there are trade offs

  1. I totally agree. I don’t sport NRA, 2nd Ammendment rights, or any other bumper sticker either for the same reason. Maybe I am overly paranoid, but I feel the same way about school/church stickers. I do like signs like that for man-cave decor, though.

  2. It also is an indicator there are guns inside the house which are “available for the taking” when no one is home.

    Yup, I don’t put anything that might indicate I’m a gun owner on the house or car. It just seems silly to advertise the point. Something like a “Molon Labe” sticker would probably be OK but nothing that screams “I have guns here!”

  3. I’m thinking of posting some of those “If you can read this, you’re in range” signs in place of the standard “No Trespassing”. Ought to make the road hunters drive a little faster past my place.

  4. As with everything, there is a time and place for these. I would agree that “in your face” stickers will draw more trouble than deflect it.

    I do have a “NRA Life Member” license plate holder for my car. Other than that, I don’t do bumper stickers of any kind. They can and will draw unwanted attention when you want it least. And, I do park my cars inside.

    My $0.02.

  5. I find that police tape draped casually around a chalked body outline on my front porch does the trick.

  6. Your instincts are correct. Do not advertise that you have expensive weapons around. Do not give a trial lawyer an excuse to drag you into court. Stay plain, shoot straight, remain free.

  7. Ya’ll are idiots.

    I want burglars to know not to come around my place and break in.

    My guns are secured in a safe.

    The only one that is not secured in a safe, is the one on my person.

    Go home and cuddle up to your mommies! Pussies!

  8. Andrew,

    I think your claim of “pussies” is unwarranted. No one said anything about removing the signs warning of land-mines and IEDs or deactivating the Claymores.

  9. I had a similar thought when I saw that post from Uncle. My comment to my girlfriend, after showing her the sight, was “The price on those signs is a bit misleading, since you’d have to be an idiot to buy one without also getting a really expensive safe first.”

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